Challenge Anneka

Alright I just wanted a catchy heading, it’s more like Challenge Sarah 😛

I have decided to set myself a challenge, I don’t know why but I feel I don’t really have anything to work towards and a random chat with Marcia about what my goals for the gym were made me realise, I don’t have any goals at all, about anything! 

Then I decided that goals were a bit too full on (wimp) so I thought I would set a challenge instead with the prize being that I get to buy myself a YSL Singulier mascara if I complete the challenge by July 11th 2010 (erm cos it’s payday).  Nothing like a good incentive.

The Challenge


Use up 3 current mascaras before purchasing any more – well that’s just good sense when you have far too many mascaras and only 2 eyes. 


Stop eating sweets specifically Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate  – instead if chocolate is desperately needed I will stick to either organic fairtrade chocolate or Raw Chocolate.  I actually find the Raw Chocolate totally delicious, it’s better for your body as un-heated cacao contains over 300 nutritional compounds, and it is a great source of anti-oxidants and essential minerals which are all destroyed in the cooking process (i.e. like in dary milk). I just love Dairy Milk as I used to work for Cadbury in their head office,  back when it was Cadbury Schweppes plc, and have lovely fond memories of working there as it was such a happy time in my life, but that’s not a good reason to scoff a load of bloody chocolate is it lmao?! Especially when the Raw Chocolate is better for you and it tastes better!


Go for a walk every single lunchbreak during the week – I have my new MBT trainers so there is no excuse.  I want to challenge myself to go for a walk every single day on my lunchbreak.  It doesn’t matter if I just walk around the block I need to get out and get some fresh air and get my circulation going, as sitting at a desk all day is not good for you and it’s certainly not helping my cellulite.  If I redo this challenge next month I will include walking to and from the station in the morning and evening but it’s not happening at the moment with the rain every bloody morning, as I have to look smart and I can’t get to work looking like a drowned rat.


Increase my running speed +0.4 miles per hour.  I have no idea if this a good or bad speed to increase it by but I think it is achievable, so please don’t have a go at me if it’s crap. I run alone and have never worked out with anyone else in my life and I never even look at other people’s screens at the gym as I think it’s so so rude (does anyone else get that urge to slap the person who keeps staring at  your screen…I do).  So I just want to try and nudge my speed up a little and think its more realistic to just move it up a few points this month than go flat out and fly off the end of the treadmill!


Be more adventurous with my cooking – I tend to stick to ingredients and recipes I know for quickness and I do know quite a lot of nice recipes but this month I want to learn how to cook tofu and find some more smoothie and oatmeal/porridge recipes for breakfast.  I also want to learn how to use quark since I have never tried it before and it sounds interesting…quark quark!

If anyone has any helpful hints or tips for me or just wants to share their goals then leave me a comment, they’re much appreciated x