Methode Jeanne Piabuert’s Speed Dieting

I am absolutely blown away by this product (and by the price since it’s a whopping £102) but I actually did get noticeable results, enough for a vague acquaintance to notice at the gym that my legs looked firmer, I am honestly shocked by the difference this has made. I  have lost just over 1cm from my right thigh and 1cm exactly from the left.  I actually still can’t believe it reading back what I have just typed, it doesn’t even sound possible!

Methode by Jeanne Piabuert is a luxury skincare brand that is huge in France and is getting a lot of interest now it is available in the UK too and I can definitely see why.

This amazing product is formulated as a day lotion and a night lotion so while it is definitely an expensive product you get two separate lotions.  Apparently they are both based on Chronobiology: meaning that our body assimilates fats in different ways at different times of the day, the two lotions act to destock fats from the adipocytes and also stop it from re-entering.

The product just looks like 1 bottle but the pump is split in two with a lil sun and moon to show you which cream to use in the morning and which to use in the evening. You would expect lovely packaging for £102 and you definitely get it, this product is very very nice and expensive looking and feeling.


Apply the orange cream in the morning after showering, and the salmon pink cream in the evening before bed. Use after the Gym Toner (a massager) to enhance results.

This is the gym toner

Both creams look, smell and apply amazingly and have the consistency of a thin lotion with a tiny hint of a gel-like consistency. A little sticky for a minute or so it then absorbs very quickly and the stickiness disappears. Both creams are iridescent for some reason which didn’t bother me as I am applying it on my thighs and bum, which nobody sees but I am not sure if the glitter would bother others.

You apply the different creams with the pictured Gym Toner – a tool designed to stimulate the blood supply and therefore improving efficacy of the product by 30% – you will see and feel the difference in dimpling and skin tone after eight days. I will explain more about the gym toner later.

Handy diagram shows you how to apply the product

The idea behind this product is to wipe out cellulite and orange peel without depriving yourself in just seven days. Its exclusive complex triggers the same fat release mechanisms.


I used this on my hips, thighs and tummy. My skin is so much smoother on all areas, it feels tighter and less squidgy especially if I press my ‘love handle’ area or jiggle my leg about. As mentioned I have lost 1cm on one leg and just over on the other one.

In fact it looks so much better after just 7 days I am actually full-on shocked.. I will be honest I had never heard of Methode before in my life prior to trying this and I am baffled why I haven’t as this is absolutely amazing (although I don’t speak French apart from in a Del Boy style way so this could be why).  And I would say I have at least anothe 2-3 weeks left of product in the bottle.

They do have some clinical data to back their claims which is:

This product was tested on 57 women and this the data from their results

After one week of use!*

Smoother skin 75%

Softer skin 71%

Slimmer body 71%

Reduced dimples 71%

Firmer skin 70%

Skin more toned 68%

Cellulite less significant and visible 67%

*tested on 57 women.

I am in total agreement with the women from the test and wholeheartedly recommend this product 100% if you are able to afford it. If you can’t afford it then fair enough, you aren’t going to die if you don’t own it! But its definitely something that you should purchase ahead of others if you are in the market and willing to flash the cash.


Fat is released through Lipolysis by Caffeine Micro-spheres, Ginkgo Biloba and Silanetriol Arginate. The fat is then burnt in the adipocytes through Decapeptide. Fatty acids are reduced by L-Carnitine® which is responsible for maintaining the energetic metabolism in all of the organism’s cells: it transports fats through the cell membrane to the mitochrondrions.

Centella Asiatica and Wheat Extract firm the skin whilst Liftiline® smoothes on the surface. Toxins are eliminated and drainage optimised by Ivy Cosmélène®.

Gym Toner

This is a great concept as this gives you a really in-depth massage without having to faff about and it is really quick to use as well. I felt the increased blood supply to my legs when using this and they do go a bit pink but this is a good thing as it means you are bringing more blood to the surface of the skin which is what you want to improve your microcirculation and aid in the elimination of toxins. The massaging action also helps to tone the skin tissues and improve the elasticity. They say this helps the efficacy of the slimming product by 30% and you can use this with any cellulite cream from any brand.


Massage over the entire body everyday. Follow with your cellulite product.

My View

This is a great massager but I do think that it is overpriced, essentially just being some nubbly rollers in a handheld device. I think that this product would be better at a more sensible price especially as it is a bit flimsy.  Case in point that mint green thing shown in the picture above – well it snapped after 4 uses and now the two white things are separate.  It doesn’t cause me a problem as I just hold one in each hand and massage that way, but if I had paid £47 I would be mightly cheesed off!

If you put the price aside I have no complains about the gym toner and I think it does help improve the products effects but if I was purchasing this myself I would not think it worth the price and I think they should think about giving a discount if you purchase it with the cream.

Price: £47

Overall I think if you have some money to spend then this cream is a fantastic investment.  It certainly lived up to it’s claims for me.  As you know I try to review a range of low mid and high end products and this is probably the highest end product I have reviewed in my fight against flab feature includingall of the products to reduce weight, stretchmarks and cellulite and to be frank, it’s been the best.

You can purchase both of these products from


They also sell some products by the brand on strawberrynet but not these exact ones I don’t think.

Have you ever heard of the brand?