Anti ageing ramble!

Anti-ageing products

At 25 I know I am not old, however I do worry about ageing and am always trying to find products to prevent it. My skin idol has to be Danni Minogue, her skin looks fresh, luminous, plumped up and smooth. It’s so radiant and clear I would love to emulate it.

So in the quest for skin perfection two new products have sneaked into my skincare routine (along with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Yin Yang orange flower water toner and Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser). These two products are both amazing and I am so glad that they both seem to be working.

Strivectin SD Eye Cream

This is the gold standard of eye creams, it’s so strong that I can only use it once a day (my skin goes a bit red for an hour or so if I use it twice) but I get the impression that when it’s going red it’s doing it job. You can use this for discoloration, crow’s feet, dark circles and general ageing around the eyes.

All you need to do is gently rub a teeny weeny amount of the eye cream onto the area you want to de-wrinkle and massage in a circular motion until it’s absorbed. Your skin is left smooth and concealer applies really well over the top.

I waited a month to review this as at first I thought nothing was happening, then slowly but surely it turned out to be worth the wait. I am always exhausted with big dark circles and a few under eye fine lines. After 3 weeks of daily use I could tell that the lines had softened visibly and the dark circles under my eyes look lighter and are less obvious. I also tried the allover face cream but it was a bit irritating to my skin, the under eye version is almost the same but doesn’t contain the peppermint oil that the regular version does and contains other soothing ingredients.

I am more than happy with this and since you use such a tiny dot on each eye the massive 40ml size will last ages and ages, plenty long enough to justify the £47 price tag. If you want to look more info take a look at lookfantastic website.

Caudalie – white cream

StriVectin – yellow cream

Caudalie Vitamine Pulpe Vitaminée 1st Wrinkle Cream

This cream can be used both morning and night and is specifically to deal with the first signs of ageing so is for your 25-30 year with normal – dry skin who has started to worry about their face sagging, fine lines and lack of radiance.

I was surprised that this product addresses every single issue that I am having and really does work for me.

It is easy to apply and rub into the face. It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue. You need roughly a pea sized amount, maybe more if your skin is extra dry that day. I mostly use this at night but have used this instead of primer a couple of days this week as it leaves your skin feeling so silky soft and smooth that I felt I didn’t need a regular primer.

If you apply in the morning the radiance is evident almost immediately. In the evening when applied you wake up looking really rested and your skin looks more plump, and less grey than usual.

The product is also paraben free which I like and contains some delicious ingredients such as echinacea, ginger, royal jelly and ginseng which are all known to be energising to the body.

This retails for around £31-32 and I would say it would last around 6 weeks to two months as I still have a good amount left.

You can also purchase this from Lookfantastic

Are you worried about ageing?