Learn About Korres – Herbal Extractions

I posted a couple of days ago about attending the Korres press event and I asked if I could have a copy of the presentation that Lena gave so I could share some of the information with you as it shows just how much hard work and technology goes into their herbal extrations that are included in their products and compared to so many other brands who don’t do anything like this it just makes me love Korres more for their commitment to providing amazing products with active natural ingredients.

Herbal Extractions

Korres extract and isolate the active ingredients of their selected
plants, at their own environmentally friendly (ISO 14001), certified herb
extraction unit, the outcome of an over five -year long effort.

The extraction unit is the first of it’s kind in Greece and was created with the Pharmacy School
of the University of Athens based on the homeopathy pharmacy heritage, their deep
understanding of herbs, their properties and clinical benefits and innovative
extraction methods. It enables them to extract and gently isolate active
ingredients in order to produce premium quality, clinically effective organic

In terms of Korres’ ‘green’ commitment, they follow over 20
environmental management and sustainability programmes, including waste
management, recycling, avoiding non-biodegradable ingredients/materials,
emission control and carbon footprint appraisals.


How The Extraction Process Works

A processed herb’s liquid extract can
be condensed so that we can take both
semi-liquid and dry extracts and isolate
those to produce various active agent
in liquid, semi-liquid and dry form. We are also able to isolate the
scent and essential oils. One single herb offers
us up to 11 extracts 
and active agents that can be used independently or
combined for greater 

 Korres’ First Ever Herbal Extraction

You may wonder why any of this interests me and the reason is that I love 
that Korres search throughout Greece for the best ingredients and herbs and
then using their own environmentally friendly herb extraction unit extract the 
ingredients they need for their products themselves.  I love that I know that 
everything in these products is researched and harvested and extracted in
Greece and not just shipped off to another country where it’s cheaper to make.

To be honest I have no idea if this will interest anyone other than me but
since I found it so I wanted to put this out there for other people.

Their website is www.korres.com

Full range is at Bathandunwind