My Favourite Mascaras

If like me you  can’t live without
lashings of mascara then hopefully this post will be helpful.

What I Look For In A Mascara

Either an organic mascara with natural
ingredients that works OR

Fluttery lashes



Glossy lashes

Dark dark black lashes


Not Wanted






1. Lancome Hypnose

I prefer the regular version to any
of the other versions they just don’t work as well for me.  You can
wear a little or a lot as you can literally just add coat after coat to
build up long glossy thick lashes.  I never ever need to use a lash
comb the brush is so well designed.  Sleek packaging although slightly
pricey – I do feel it is worth it though. Doesn’t budge after application
and not too much of a nightmare to remove either. You can buy here

2.  L’oreal Voluminous

This makes an impact just like the YSL
Faux Cils but at a much cheaper price.  This is a lot cheaper than
most of the other L’Oreal mascaras for some reason, its much better so
I have no idea how they work these things out.  This is my all round
day to day mascara for glossy carbon lashes, a perfect brush and after
two coats you are good to go for the day, lashes don’t droop or smudge
and have never flaked on me yet. You must get the carbon black shade though,
who wants weirdly grey lashes? Bizarre. Buy here

As you can see my preferred mascaras all have normal wands, none of that rubbery spiky stuff!

3. L’Oreal Double Extension – Waterproof

For me this is interchangeable with
the one with the serum as basically I juse use the primer of this mascara.
 I find it to be just the same as Lancome’s lash primer and fantastic
under any mascara at all but especially the Lancome Hypnose to make the
lashes even thicker and more lush.  I apply this to both top and bottom
lashes a few seconds before applying mascara, put the mascara over the
top while the primer is wet otherwise your lashes go all crispy and the
mascara applies terribly and clumpy over the top.  The mascara itself
is insane, it is like lash superglue and I would definitely recommend this
for swimming, the gym or the beach as it is almost impossible to remove
with water or make-up remover – I wouldn’t use this everyday as it doesn’t
come off! See here


4. Lavera Long Lash Organic Mascara

I love that this mascara is organic,
it also seems to smell of manuka honey – that might just be me though.
 It doesn’t give the best volumising properties but it is very defining
and a very dark, it leaves your lashes moisturised and glossy due to the
natural ingredients such as coconut oil and  cocoa butter.  This is perfect for a no-makeup look or a weekend
or if you are at school maybe and technically not supposed to be wearing
mascara.  Great for those of us with blonde lashes as it really coats
every lash.  I love the sleek tube and the reasonable price and that it is great for sensitive eyes and those that don’t want to use chemicals near their eyes. You can buy here

5. New CID iFlutter Mascara

I was rather surprised by this mascara,
I hadn’t heard much about it or the brand in general but I liked the sleek
packaging so thought I would give it a go.  I then checked on google
and it has great reviews and is sold on Zuneta and QVC so definitely is
well liked.  This is again another great super black mascara that
is both volumising and lengthening.  The brush is extremely well designed
to carefully coat the lashes on the outer corners of the eyes to subtly
open them up and you only need two coats for a wide eyed look.  I also like that if you curl your lashes and apply this the curl doesn’t drop halfway through the day.  See here

Overall Favourite – Lancome Hypnose 

This is my favourite as I have repurchased it more than any other mascara I love the design of the wand, the consistency of the product, the effect it gives and the packaging, I wish it were cheaper but what can you do?! x

Disclaimer: Lavera mascara = pr sample provided for review