Lush Christmas 2010

Obviously, since it’s October it’s nearly Christmas?!
 I saw Lush had their Christmas range out in store yesterday so I
popped in to bridge the gap whilst waiting for my train.

I do find it a bit sad that there were no nice Halloween
items.  It would be the perfect time for some themed products but
instead there are just a few shower gellies, a bath bomb and 1 soap (and
not even the pumpkin one that I want to try). 


Gingerbread House Bubble Bar –
I bought this
as a pressie for Matt as I don’t ‘do’ baths due to my allergies. This
smells divine and the ginger is mixed with blackcurrant and citrus so it
is spicy and warming without being overly sweet.  It’s shaped like
a little gingerbread house.  Matt’s verdict was that you seriously only need half this bar per bath, otherwise it’s like being in Professor Burp’s Bubble Works at Alton Towers.

Mandarin’s Tea Party Soap –  This soap
is amazing!  A mixture of citrus, mandarin and crystallised ginger
and also has dried oranges throughout the soap.  This has a very strong
sweetly citrus scent and my handbag still emits wafts of mandarin so the
scent definitely lingers.  I will definitely stock up on this one
as it is perfect for Summer or Winter and would make a lovely alternative
to an actual Mandarin or Satsuma in a Christmas stocking!  

Snow Globe Soap – The citrus scents in this soap
are very sharp and even though its sweet its also very refreshing and perfect
for a morning or after gym shower. The scent will linger as it is quite
strong and the good thing about citrus oils are that they combat the scent
of perspiration, so this is the perfect soap for a man who does a lot of
work outside or someone who does a lot of exercise.  This contains
Lemon Myrtle, grapefruit oil, rapeseed oil and coconut oil so it is still
very moisturising.

Snowcake Soap – This is the same scent as
the smitten hand cream and exactly like marzipan.  I think this has
to be my favourite as it is just so sweet and comforting and girly. The
blend of rose, cassie and benzoin along with coconut oil mean this is perfect
for dry skin and you can feel from the texture it is softer and going to be more moisturising.  I will definitely be getting a few slices of this for
people as Christmas presents as I think it is an absolute must have.

What is your favourite Lush soap?

Do you like Christmas ranges?