Get Naked – an exfoliator that smells of cookies

Naked Jojoba Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash

I was really surprised by how much I like this facewash.  It doesn’t win over Korres cream facewash or The Sanctuary warming microbrasion scrub but it comes a very close third which is still pretty impressive to me, nothing else has even come close.

It ticks all the boxes that I want in that the packaging is easy to use and, while simple, isn’t beige! I hate beige.  It is cheap, smells gorgeous like sugar cookies and is gentle but effective.

I reckon that in a blind test a lot of people would automatically assume this is much more expensive as it feels like good quality on the skin and is a brilliant pre-fake tan scrub (which I need a lot of at the moment)! And oh my goodness, it’s only £3.99!!

The facewash is formulated for sensitive skins and the bottle contains several thousand tiny jojoba beads which deeply cleanse and exfoliate.  Jojoba is known for it’s soothing and moisturising properties and it also smells absolutely gorgeous and sweet.  

I definitely recommend this and is much cheaper than my other favourite exfoliator so good if you are on a budget. Thee ingredients are 97% natural and contain no parabens.

Naked is available online at or from Boots.

There is also a glowing skin rice shower scrub pictured but I have to be honest the smell put me off so much I physically could not use it. Eeew! Scent is a very personal thing and this one isn’t for me.

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