Organic’s Illusion – A Rapid Fake Tan In 4 Hours?

Organic’s Illusion Rapid Tan is a brand new luxury spray tan which will be available via Bronzed Glow

As a beauty blogger I know it is important to have visible proof of certain products to see if they work and tan is an obvious one, without a picture on the skin you can’t see the type of colour it will produce.  I also wouldn’t want to tan anyone without something I wouldn’t be happy to use myself.

So these are my results after leaving it on for the full 4 hours then having a shower.  The guide colour goes on so smoothly that I went to the shops with the colour guide on and it just looked like I had bronzer on.

Flash aaa-aaaa!

The Illusion rapid tan is different to other tans as it allows you to shower after just a few hours due to its fast developing time.

* No need to wait the usual 8 hours before showering

* No need to sleep in your tan and get brown sheets

* No horrible DHA smell

The solution is packed full of certified organic ingredients and Organic’s also helps to lock in moisture and improve skin tone. The tan is particularly suitable for sensitive skins due to the addition of Chamomilla Rcutita flower extract which has excellent anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties.

You can decide how dark you would like your tan to be. Shower after 1 or 2 hours for a light tan, 3 hours for a medium tan and 4 hours for a darker tan.  I tried 3 hours first then 4 hours the second time.  If you don’t tan easily in the sun you might need to leave it on for 4 hours like I do, as even though I am pale my skin finds it hard to get darker.  The tan will continue to deepen after a shower has been taken so 8 hours after your shower you are likely to see the true result.

I am not sponsored by the people that make this or anything like that, I have purchased the tan solution to use and chose it (from many that are available) as I LOVE the fact you only need to leave it on for 4 hours, that is just amazing to me as I hate sleeping in fake tan so much.

You can see from my white marks that the tan is very natural and develops smoothly.  Today was my second tan and from my first one I found that the colour doesn’t go patchy and fades evenly over the days.  I always look after my tan with oil-free moisturiser and if I am going out I use Nuxe bronzing oil sparingly as you shouldn’t use too many oily products with fake tan.

What do you think of the colour? Apologies for the flashing!