My November Favourites

Carmex Cherry

The original flavour of the Carmex lip balm makes me feel a bit icky so I was impressed with the new cherry version, the same fantastic moisturising lip treatment that regular Carmex is but with a nice taste, sort of like tunes cough sweets.  £2.49 from Superdrug

Orly Nail Products

These three attracted me first because they are nice colours, shallow or what?!  But the Top 2 Bottom base and topcoat, Cuticle Care Complex and Flash Dry quick dry shine drops are all fantastic products that do just what they say they will do.  The Top 2 Bottom coat is a better basecoat than topcoat I find, it’s just a bit too thin for my nail bashing antics. Cuticle care complex smells de-vine mmmm, you will love it! You can see all their products at orly beauty

Hissyfit Foundation SPF50

Hissyfit foundation is amazing. I was offered to try this ages ago but only took them up when I started using the Brightening Peel Pads as it has a SPF50 and you really need to step up the SPF when you are using any type of peel or peeling products as your skin is extra sensitive.  This is an anti ageing foundation so NOT for those with oily skin, perfect for the dry and sensitive or mature skins which can be slightly rougher.  

This is fairly thick to apply but very blendable and gives a medium coverage, the finish would need powdering for a matte finish otherwise it is quite dewy due to the high moisture content presumable. I have shade two and it is a perfect match.  This would be great for a snow/ski holiday, which I am glad I am not going on as I really hate the snow at the moment! 

My poor little dry face (well it’s about normal but I have been slapping on a layer of Melvita Rosehip oil twice a day-which is hardly normal behaviour) loves this as it is like a foundation and moisturiser and SPF all in one. £22 from beautybay

Jinnylash Eyelash Extensions

I know I have gushed about these already but I love them! I might get the Jinny mascara to see how massive I can get them to look!

Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Pool Pads

These are really brilliant, probably the best exfoliating treatment and brightening treatment that I have ever used.  You can see my review here: review of Brighter By Nature

What have your favourite products been?  Have you ever tried any of these?