No! No! Hair Removal 8800 Post 1

Luckily, after the swift departure of my beloved IPL machine another Company realised my hairy plight and offered me the No! No! Hair machine to be my new hair removal dream machine. I also liked what I read on this product, namely “the only home hair removal treatment clinically proven to reduce hair growth by up to 94 per cent.”

All the goodies in the box

What is a No No Hair machine and how does it work?

The No No hair machine works on the basis of Thermicon technology which delivers pain free and professional hair removal, which is safe for all skin types and hair colours. Unlike IPL which only works well for lighter skinned and darker haired people.

Thermicon™ is a heat based technology, and uses no light. Lasers and IPL technologies rely on light and the heat generated by light to achieve their hair removal goals. The light used by these methods is drawn to the melanin in the hair follicle. Light, grey and white hair has no melanin and is very hard to treat as it may not be affected at all by the applied light. With darker skin types, the contrast between the melanin in the skin and the melanin in the hair follicle may not be enough to safely and effectively remove hair without burning or other side-effects, like changes in the skin color.

no!no! bypasses these problems by using Thermicon™ technology. No radiation. No skin color or hair type discrimination. It can be used safely and effectively by everyone.

So because this treatment is based on heat your skin can feel slightly warm when you are treating it and you get a smell of burning hair, then again with the light zapping from the IPL I felt half blinded so I didn’t really mind, I just lit a match afterwards and the smell went away (handy tip if you have the occasional strange smell in your house).

How do you use it?

There is a very handy video of how to use it here

How much is it and where can you buy one?

Harrods and Selfridges for £193.50

What was the first use like?

First you charge the machine for 5 hours then slip on a thermo tip into the end of the machine and turn on. I went for level 3, I figured why faff about? I decided to remove the hair from my bikini line as this is the only place where I absolutely hate removing the hair, why do we grow hair there? 

You simply press the machine (which looks like a small mobile phone) onto you skin and roll it along so you hear one continuous beep. Do it a few times then use the white buffer to buff your hair and it just comes off, repeat as necessary until all the hair is gone. 

There is a slight burning hair smell (hardly surprising since the hair is burning) and a bit of a warm feeling on the skin.  That’s it really.  I am bikini line hair free and shall continue and update you week by week of how I get along for 8 weeks.

I like the realistic note in the booklet about how long it will take.  I get really fed up of over the top claims that can’t possibly be true.

Have you ever heard of this product? I hadn’t! I am really excited to see how it pans out.

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