Benefit Finding Mr Review

Once again I missed an event I wanted to go to due to Illness last month, this time the Benefit one to launch their new kit, Finding Mr Bright.

I have actually used a couple of the products in this kit already as there are no new products contained in the kit.  Inside the funky box you will find: Highbeam highlighter, Girl Meets Pearl highlighter, Posie Tint which is a tint for lips and cheeks and Erase Paste #2 an industrial strength concealer.  The only difference is that they are all mini sizes, super cute and to be honest I like them better small!

Erase Paste
Out of the products in the set I swear that erase paste is the best undereye concealer, second only to Bobbi Brown creamy.  My dark circles are awful and this can combat them and make the area look a thousand times better.

Posie Tint
This is my new obsession, I was always scared of the Benetint that they do as that looked far too dark, this colour is perfect on lips and cheeks and is very easy to blend, looks great with a tan (real or fake) and a little goes a long way.

High Beam
This was my first ever highlighter back when I was a teenage and I have loved it ever since.  It is the absolute most pefect highlighter for the brow bone and so flattering for pale to mid toned skins.  This is the product that (well they used to at least) give her that glowy look back in her hey day.  I adore this and recommend it to everyone.

Girl Meets Pearl 

The only thing I am not too sure on, as it’s not as good as highbeam but then it’s a different colour, if you blend it in it is a very shimmery gold shade so I would say best for warmer skin tones, those that like to use golden bronzer etc. Can’t say I would buy a full size of this one.

The thing I love about this is that each product, despite being tiny, will last you for ages – since I am a bit gross I have had my latest fullsize highbeam for about 2 years (gross I know) so this mini will last a good year I would expect.

All in all a fab buy, definitely a 9/10  and at £28.50 its a great way to try all the products without breaking the bank.  Buy from Benefit online and get free postage in April 2011  pr sample

Do you like mini kits?