St Tropez Now Make SPF!

If you are a St Tropez lover you might wonder why they haven’t come out with any SPF products…oh wait, they have!

Finally realising that fake tanners also love real tanning too and just any tan in general they have branched out to offer sun protection and I was impressed that they go up to an SPF 50 as a lot of brands don’t bother but for the pale and (ahem) interesting amongst us, we need a high SPF!

The SPF30 with tan enhancers is a lovely velvety soft cream that melts into the skin. It provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays (find out what the hell the difference is here). It also contains Melanobronze which is an innovative ingredient to stimulate melanin production and help enhance your tan naturally. Do I no what Melanobronze is, or how it works?No, could I find it out? No. I did try though.

The cream is infused with Vitamin E to repair the skin and raspberry seed oil to nourish.  The directions are to apply generously and you really should with sun cream as being to sparing could mean that you aren’t getting the full SPF factor stated on the bottle. Remember to use at least a shot glasses worth for you body, probably more if you are tall etc. Remember to reapply your sun cream if you have gone in the water then towelled dry or just every 2 hours or so.

I love the gold squeezy tube as it looks much classier than my solait orange bottle. If you are going somewhere posh on holiday, perhaps to Dubai or on a cruise then this will look much better whipped out of your beach bag!

This can be purchased from St Tropez directly or Boots and costs £20 for 150ml.  Overall I give this 8.5/10