Venus Bikini Trimmer Review

I was sent the above three items as part of the Venus Gillette get set for Summer challenge which I have been invited to take part in for the second year running.  I have to admit I didn’t get on that well with the epilator from last year, my mum reviewed it and she hasn’t mentioned it in months so I think she must have forgotten about it too. To be honest waxing and shaving are just so much easier.

The first thing I am reviewing is the Bikini Trimmer.

I think the bikini trimmer is a fantastic idea, either for shortening your hair before you shave or, as I used it, to shorten the hair before I go for my bikini wax.  

When you go for a bikini wax you need to make sure you hair is long enough for them to wax obviously, but you also don’t want it to be too long, as it will hurt more.  So the best idea, if you haven’t had a bikini wax for a while, is to trim them down so they are all a similar length and not too short, so they are about the same length as you would have after 5 weeks regrowth.  That way the waxer won’t have to do this for you, so you will save time in your appointment.

The bikini trimmer is quick, safe and really easy to use.  You just use it in a shaving motion by combing the comb through the hair in the direction of growth, and it trims the hair down.

Then you can either use a razor or as I said, have your bikini wax.

This is also really hand for men who want to neated their bikini area but aren’t into waxing and still want the hair, but just to look more tidy and also handy for men’s chest hair, to trim it down and shape it without removing it all.

Overall this is a mega handy product with lots of uses!  Definitely a good buy and I have to say, probably my favourite Gillette product to date.

You can find out more information here Gillette Venus and you can often get the bikini trimmer free in the Summer if you buy a Venus razor. So look out for offers in Boots and Superdrug.