Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation Review

Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation Review

A few weeks ago I purchased a foundation I have wanted to try for ages, the Chanel  Pro Lumiere Foundation.  This foundation is the perfect consistency for me, it feels like liquid skin but so light, however the consistency isn’t too watery so it isn’t a nightmare to apply.  One to two pumps is all you need as it easily spreads and blends into the face.  I don’t even have to use primer for this to give a flawless finish so I do wonder if it might contain any silicone as it is so smoothing and flattering to the skin.                                         

 The foundation covers up the couple of thread veins I have on my face and makes a good start on covering my dark circles and redness around the nose but it doesn’t leave you looking like you are wearing a mask at all. Currently I’m wearing the #30 shade as I have on a light coat of fake tan, without the fake tan this would be too beige I expect. I am not quite sure how the colours work with Chanel as this is the first foundation I have used from them.                                                                                                                                                                                            

The bottle, as one would expect, is very classy and holds 30ml of product.  Which isn’t really that much to be honest but then I have never used up an entire foundation (I have with tinted moisturiser) because I use so many different ones so at least there will be no wastage. I do find that the pump does get a little cloggy sometimes so you will need to give it  a swipe with a wet wipe now and again.

I really love this foundation and it has become my go-to one for wearing day to day.  I like a little more coverage for a night out and a little less for just a gym day or weekend daytime but on the whole this is amazing and works really great for me despite having sensitive and dry skin.

Lovely flawless finish. Shame about the nose – ho hum! 


Now I just need to try out the Matt Lumiere foundation and see if it will be a good replacement for my ‘night out’ foundation.  Have you tried it? Do you think it is fab?