Aromatherapy associates skincare – I heart it!

I have been using the above pictured Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser and Nourishing Face Oil for the last couple of months.  Certainly long enough to know that they are both absolutely TO DIE FOR and amazing, and that I love them both!  Skincare takes a good few weeks to properly test out and improve (or not) your skin, you can of course have an initial thought or feeling but you can’t see the results of skincare without using it for a while.  I am really impressed with both Aromatherapy Associates and their pr company for not pestering me for a review and letting me test out the product as I wished for a good long time. 

Rather than waste time copying what is available freely from their website I suggest you take a look here to learn about the aromatherapy and the philosophy of the brand

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Nourishing Facial Oil, 15ml £37 (rrp)

The nourishing facial oil has a very soothing formulation and is perfect for dry skin, skin that has been over exposed to the elements for example in the sun or if you have been in a very dry environment or somewhere very cold and windy. It is also suitable if your skin is very delicate or you get red easily.

The key ingredients in the facial oil are rose, saldalwood and evening primrose oil which means that this smells absolutely gorgeous, it’s like a posh spa smell – but then many spas use Aromatherapy Associates products so that could be why.

It is a very economical product as you simply press 5 or so drops over the face and neck after cleansing and before moisturising.  

After using this for a few weeks I started to get even more comments than normal about my skin (smug grin) which is always a bonus. It makes you look radiant.

Renewing Rose Cleanser, 200ml £22 (rrp)

I adore this cleanser, the consistency is like whipped cream and the scent is absolutely freaking amazing, like the most goooorgeous roses, I am not sure if I like this better than the oil but it’s a close call. You like roses and you will love this.

I rub this into dry skin and massage in.  Things to remember when massaging your face are – to always pull upwards – don’t drag your face down, to always make little circles on the chin and around the nose to lift off the makeup and dirt, and to make sure that you include your neck too!

I use either a warm clean flannel or sponges with hot water to remove the cleanser and it really does remove all makeup including eye makeup. I love it.

Overall both products get and I Heart 10/10 

Disclaimer: These were sent for consideration for review, I was not paid to write this post and I am not affiliated with the brand. I truly truly LOVE these and will repurchase.