Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation Review

I first reviewed Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation last March and here is the review  this is their new version which is a serum gel foundation.  As I am a Bourjois lover I was extremely excited to be given this to try out.

The foundation is hypo-allergenic and allergy tested – although these claims from any brand make me giggle as hypo-allergenic just means it is LESS likely to cause an allergic reaction not that nobody is ever going to have one. Plus just the fact that something has been allergy tested doesn’t even mean it passed the allergy test, and what allergy? Anyway that’ for another time, this didn’t give me any allergic reactions at all and my skin is sensitive.


This foundations claims “Give your skin a radiance boost, made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and instant anti-fatigue result. It’s fresh and instant blending gel texture blends and glides onto the skin for an even, natural finish with no mask effect.”

Colour Match

I am shade #52 with no fake tan on, damn I used to be shade 51 that is so pale!  This is a good match for me and while last year my skin was super dry, this year it is probably more normal to dry and it goes on and blends in well, slightly correcting my natural pinky redness and making my skin the same colour as on my neck and chest.


The scent is really fresh and fruity but that only lasts about a minute or so,  it goes very quickly, as I thought with the last foundation I tried, it would be kind of strange to have a fruity face all day!


I use two pumps when I am using my stippling brush.  The foundation is thinner in consistency than the other version and I prefer it, it really does have more of a serum feel and is smooth and silky to rub into my skin. I have had a much better experience using a stippling brush or my fingers rather than a regular style foundation brush just like the older version, it just seems to go on a bit strange and stripy with a regular foundation paint style brush.  The healthy mix serum texture is quite thin, silky and soft, it blends quickly and gives a light to medium coverage.  Once it is dry you can apply another layer with ease, it doesn’t look clumpy. I don’t think this would be good if you had dark red patches, spots or acne as it isn’t pigmented enough to cover them.

Lasting Power

With powdering it lasts around 9 hours which is fine for me, I can never be bothered to do a lunchtime face touchup so it’s good it lasted that long I think. When it starts to wear off it’s on the tzone first.


It comes with a pump which is good for hygiene and the bottle looks much more classy and expensive than the cheap looking plastic bottle used last time.  
Verdict – 9 out of 10 – the only improvement I could think of was a tiny bit more coverage so I don’t need 2 coats on my nose and undereye area (even with concealer) but that’s it. It’s claims that it lasts 16 hours are slightly overstated in my opinion.  The colour selection suits me, but not everyone has white or dark beige skin. Overall this is very impressive especially if you take into account the price and packaging which is easy to use, sanitary and pretty. This is a great everyday foundation for normal to dry and combination skin, too oily a skin and I’m not sure… however I found this review and the writer thinks its great on oily skin and wasn’t sure about dry skin! So hey maybe everyone can use it

The foundation costs £10.99 and can be purchased at Boots, Superdrug and all the usual places plus