Innocent Smoothies – The Big Knit 2011

How cute are these little hats?! 

This year Innocent are running a campaign to raise money for Age UK.  All you have to do to donate 10p to the charity is to buy a smoothie with the little hat, take a photo of the hat somewhere funny and upload the photo to Innocent’s facebook page, then Innocent will donate the 10p per picture to the charity.  For every bottle sold 25p is automatically donated anyway.                         
                                                                                                                              How can I get involved?

1 – buy an innocent smoothie with a hat on it.
2 – get a camera (old school or nu skool will do).
3 – hold the hat between your camera and your subject then take the snap. Do not put the hat on to your subject, or we won’t be able to accept it into the competition 

(note, you can submit pictures of your animals, as long as they fit this rule).
4 – keep it real, these can look a little messy, and you can leave your fingers in the picture.
5 – go to our big knit tab on facebook and upload your masterpiece.

Remember, if the picture does not fit these rules, we will remove it from the competition. Happy snapping and tagging.

Now they very kindly sent a box of these smoothies to me here in the office but despite me handing out the hats and reminding people to take a funny pic over the weekend what I failed to realise was that the picture had to be taken in a specific way, so everyone took pics of the hats actually ON the items. Oops. I have to say I have no idea why that’s one of the rules it’s very hard to do!

This is my WRONG picture

Oh well at least I tried, even if you are confused by the hat tagging the hats would be great for keeping your boiled egg warm! 

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