Christmas Wishes

Just a quick note from me to say I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas.  I have been really ill which has been seriously annoying!  Poor old Matt had to make the entire Christmas dinner himself and that was after he had to go and buy all of the food by himself too so I think he did a really amazing job.  

I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas however you celebrate.  Remember as lovely as being spoilt and getting lots of presents is, it isn’t really about that.  Even if you aren’t religious it should be a time for showing how much you love your friends and family.  This year I didn’t get much so no point doing any sort of present post although I do love reading them so please do give me your links if you have posted about the pressies you have got.  This was my main present, from my mum and I love it

It’s called ‘Bow’ and from and actually there’s £10 off in the sale if you like it.

So my plans for the next couple of days are to get better, drink lots of hot toddies and find out if Beechams Ultra actually do work or not.  I hope that they do!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas xx