Disaster strikes!

All blog posts have kind of gone out of the window for the next couple of days as my boyfriend Matt had an accident in his car today. I saw the car at the recovery lot when I went to pick up his personal belongings from the boot but couldn’t get near enough to take a pic of the whole car just the back, but this is what it looked like.

Luckily he is ok apart from whiplash and cuts and bruises, it’s  a complete miracle as he was hit by a lorry on the motorway, spun around and then the lorry hit him again which caused him to go underneath the lorry and get stuck with the lorry’s back wheels squashing the car and then he span out again and hit the side of the motorway barriers. All I can say is thank god he is ok, I am still a bit in shock about it all.  But I was supposed to be putting a giveaway up today and doing a few posts so just wanted to explain why I haven’t to readers and also any pr’s who were expecting me to make a post.

Sorry! But it is my priority to make sure he is ok at the moment I am sure you understand.  Please do be careful when you are driving past those big lorries, as if they don’t look in their mirrors much these types of things can happen, so please be safe xx

Sarah x