There’s age differences ……….

And then there’s age differences.  – Shun Corrigan

I am sure most people generally aren’t that bothered about celebrities relationships but even I found this one a bit surprising. And I have to be honest, the fact that Harry is 17 and Caroline is ..32 or summat….I find that a bit wrong personally.

If he was 20 or even 18, but as a 32 year old surely she must have a niggling feeling of doing something ever so slightly wrong. Put it this way I am 26 and would think that going out with a 17 year old would be rather dodgy…

If a 32 year old guy was going out with a 17 year old girl wouldn’t it be all over the papers how he was ‘preying’ on her or something? Image as a girl you come home with a bloke who is 32 when you are 17 – I think my mum might have actually gone postal.  

For me it’s not so much the age gap, as the youngest parties starting age, 50 and 65 are the same amount of years apart, but it doesn’t have quite the same pedo style ring to it when you say that does it?

What are your thoughts?