Slendertone Arms Challenge Week 3


Week 2

Week 3

As you can probably guess due to the large gap in time between weeks 2 and weeks 3 I had a gap in using the slendertone arms machine.  Working as many hours as possible, trying to earn as much money as possible for furniture etc. (sorry about the sponsored posts by the way but a girl has gotta have a fridge) and then moving and packing/unpacking got in the way of using the slendertone arms.  I wouldn’t say I lost any definition in that time as I always go to the gym anyway, I try and go 3-6 times a week and work on weights and toning as well as cardio so I did still keep up my arm muscle exercises.

I would say my arms have stayed pretty much the same in this time looks wise.  However they have come a long way strength wise.  At the beginning of the year if I was at the gym and had to do a Plank position I had to do it on my elbows like this but now I have progressed to be able to do it like this which is like the proper way of doing them rather than the modified way.  I have also been able to do a side plank which I found so tremendously difficult to start with, I first started with the easier version of the side plank and have now increased to the middle way of doing it (with the feet side by side rather than stacked on top of one another), so for me I think my upper arm strength has come a long way.  My next goals are to be able to do the proper full on side plank and then be able to do this as they are great for your muffin top.


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