Evil Plot: World Hair Domination

The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore, Desperate Scousewives – if the thought of hair extensions conjures up images of these reality show stars then you’ve probably steered clear of them so far – but there’s no need to be so afraid! The reason you never see anyone carrying off the faux look successfully is because you’re not supposed to know about it!

With a little practise, hair extensions can give you the added length or volume you’re lusting after without any of the waiting or gallons of hairspray usually involved. The trick to getting extensions right is to find the correct colour and length for your style; don’t buy 22 inch long hair extensions if your own hair is only 4 inches long! It’s tempting but we’ve all seen how that turns out (like I said, you won’t notice them done right but you will notice when someone gets them wrong!).

I’ve got to admit, I’m a hair addict. That’s right, there’s a hidden agenda here; I want to convert you all to my way of thinking (as I sit here with my extensions weaved firmly onto my head) and have you trying out hair extensions by the end of this article! You don’t need to start forking out hundreds of pounds on glue-in extensions or searching for a hairdresser who can sew new hair onto your own – whilst that would be the next step for you in my plans to convert the nation, I’m gonna start you off easy with clip-ins.

They’re relatively inexpensive if you shop around, and you can take care of them in pretty much the same way you do your own hair. A bit of special attention is needed to ensure they don’t dry out, as hair extensions don’t get any of the natural oils and moisture your own hair does, but besides that you can do whatever you like with them.

Depending on your hair colour, it can be difficult to find the exact shade you’re looking for. Most retailers will help you out here and colour-match your extensions for you, but for the more experienced among us it can work out cheaper to do a bit of guess-work and buy them from Ebay – just buy a wash-in/wash-out dye in the colour you need (maybe two packs!) and get to work! Just make sure you buy your extensions a shade lighter, so you can dye them darker to match your own hair.

If you’re blonde, it gets a lot trickier; bleaching hair extensions is not something I recommend unless you’re a hairdresser/are in possession of a hairdresser friend. In fact, your friend’s a hairdresser, stop reading and go persuade them to do all this work!

Once you’ve found the right hair for your needs, (and dyed it if it’s justnotquiteright!) you can spend a bit of time practising the subtle art of clipping it into your own – it’s not as hard as it seems, the trick is to just check you can’t see the clips once it’s all in!

Best advice – get a trusted friend (or your mother, they’re always BRUTALLY honest in my experience!) to tell you whether you look like an extra from TOWIE before you leave the house!

Xtras have this handy little guide to show you the best way to clip’em in – backcombing really will help no end

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