First Time Botox Experience With Pictures!

I looked a bit shiny for about a week after!

I would like to make it clear upfront that while I had this done at London Wall Sk:n clinic which I have previously been to for  free treatment for review, I was not given this treatment for free, or asked to test it out or paid for this post.  You can see the prices on the website price list and you can get a £100 of voucher from anyone who already goes there as it is their ‘refer a friend’ discount.  I sought a professional opinion before doing it and would not have it done unless it was with a doctor or nurse in a reputable place like the Sk:n clinic that I went to.  I would never (and remember I am a beauty therapist myself) never ever, have a beauty therapist perform botox on me.

If you are considering having this done then please also seek a professional opinion and advice, go to somewhere that offers you a consultation before your appointment to ask any questions.  This is not a comprehensive list of everything you should do but just some advice.

After 2 months 

(glazed expression due to it being 6am)

What is Botox?

  • It’s real name is Botulinum toxin and Botox is a trade name.  Basically it is a protein which is produced by Clostridium botulinum
  • When injected into the muscle it paralyses and weakens muscles for a period of time
  • It can be used for cosmetics purposes like wrinkles, to prevent sweating and to prevent muscle spasms and migraines
  • Botox does not FILL IN wrinkles such as the ones by your nose to mouth, it paralyses the muscles such as the ones when you frown, meaning you can’t frown and therefore cause the skin to wrinkle

Why is it important to have a consultation?

  • You may have a medical condition which means the use of botox is not possible, such as pregnancy
  • You need to be aware of potential side effects such as bruising, bleeding, droopy eyelids etc
  • You want to know what aftercare they provide if any of the above DO happen
  • You may be too young, the clinic I went to do not inject anyone under 25

What happens on the day, is it painful?

  • A consultation and form are gone through and filled in, you then sign to prove that you listened to all of the info so here’s a tip – listen to all the info!
  • Your skin is cleaned and prepared, the doctor or nurse wears gloves and uses all new needles/bottles of the solution
  • Some people are really scared of pain and needles, I am not but in my opinion it didn’t hurt at all
  • It feels like a few small scratches
  • As for bleeding, I had a tiny dot where I was injected which was then wiped away, it just looked a little red for about 2 hours and then dissapeared
  • It hurt me 2 out of a pain scale of 20
  • It was very quick

What happens after?

  • You can use an ice pack and take some paracetamol if you have swelling or pain
  • You need to keep frowning or raising your eyebrows – not sure what this does but it’s what he told me so I did it
  • It takes 10-14 days for your face to stop moving, it doesn’t happen immediately
  • I had no pain, swelling or any problems
  • Go to your review appointment after 2 weeks as they will top you up if you need more.

How long does it last?

  • Between 3-6 months
  • The more you have it done the less frequently you need it

Why did I have it done and any tips

  • I was getting fed up of the lines when I frown or raise my eyebrows, so I had both areas done
  • Migraines and headaches due to lots of frowning at work
  • Wondering what it would be like
  • Figured that I could just never do it again if I didn’t like it
  • It started wearing off and I was like aaaaaaaaaaah OMG OMG I hate this! My lines are coming back and I have had a headache nearly every day. Stupid forehead, why must you betray me!
  • Tips – don’t tell anyone if you care about their opinion of you. Definitely don’t tell your mum she will probably go mad.  Sorry mum ;P
  • Definitely don’t tell your other half, another lecture waiting to happen ;P

And in conclusion

I know that Botox isn’t for everyone and I know it gets a lot of bad press and might not be considered the best idea for someone of my age 27 and a half – but. Botox is often used to describe celebs that have a frozen face, even if they have had a brow or face lift or used TOOO much botox – I bet a lot of celebs you love have had a bit of subtle botox and you never even guessed, even some footballers have clearly had it, you can see it when you see them raise their eyebrows (clearly I am not watching football for the beautiful game).

Having had botox myself, I really love the results and nobody has been able to tell apart from my mum who said there was ‘something different with my head’ haha that was quite funny. Nobody at work had a clue until I told them.

I also had zero headaches in 3 months. None! I would have at least one a week before.

I can’t say at the moment that I would like any other botox or fillers anywhere else as the rest of my face is ok to me.

Over to you…  

Botox – yay or nay?