Oxy Power Fresh Skincare Range

If you or somene you know gets spots, whether on your face or body, then OXY Seaweed Power Fresh skincare range and a new innovative light therapy device is a great idea to try to really get results quickly.  Now I don’t get that many spots (jinxing myself now aren’t I) but I still tested all of the products out and then gave the exfoliator and facewash to a friend with back acne to test out – and the clearlight but that was on lend as I think that is so cool I wanted it back!

The range has recently been updated to contain naturally active seaweed (sustainably grown) and it is certainly less drying than I remember Oxy to have been in the past and also smells lovely and fresh. Seaweed is one of the richest sources of minerals, possessing sea minerals in high concentrations (potassium, sodium and magnesium, amongst others) as well as trace elements. These minerals, along with zinc, mean that Oxy reduces redness and swelling, helps get rid of dead skin, harnesses an antibacterial action which cleanses the skin and has a strong hydrating effect leaving the face feeling clean, fresh and healthy

I had used Oxy myself years ago and thought I had better test the products out myself to see if they were ok to use on sensitive skin. I used the OXY Seaweed Power Fresh Skin Wash- £5.99 and the OXY Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliant- £5.99 and both were fine on my skin and didn’t cause any irritation, dryness or redness. I then gave the products to a friend to test who had a lot of spots on the back and side area caused by sweating at work and not being able to change clothes until they got home – this meant the bacteria and sweat was caught on their back until they then showered when they got home which was then too late.

The funky gadget we were both impressed by was the OXY Clearlight. It costs £39.99 which sounds like a lot but it provides the same treatment that can cost around £200 in clinic, where it used extensively to fight skin problems and kill bacteria with it’s specific wavelength of blue light therapy: 415 nanometers (nm) – which has been scientifically proven to be best wavelength of light to kill the bacteria responsible for spots– and without damaging or affecting any of the surrounding skin and tissue, so it is safe to use and very effective. Now without being weird, what I thought was that in a clinic or dermatologist it would be really awkward if your spots or acne were somewhere embarrassing on your body like on your bum and you wanted to get them zapped! But if you use this at home then nobody would ever know! 

To use the product, you simply shine it on the affected area for 3mins at a time, and the product beeps to let you know when the 3 minutes is up. I tested this out on a random spot that I got near my mouth and after 1 day of using this in conjunction with the emergency spot treatment gel the spot had totally disappeared with not even a tiny mark.  Used on back acne (with someone kind who will help you) and in conjunction with the other products it really helped the spots to stay away and to kill the bacteria under the surface, now the spots have mostly all gone away and are healing.

The range includes Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliant- £5.99, Seaweed Power Fresh Skin Wash- £5.99, Seaweed Power Deep Calm Balm- £5.99, Emergency Spot Treatment Gel- £6.99, The range is free of alcohol and parabens and seems to be ok to use even if you have dry and sensitive skin.  The packaging is nice and functional and the products are only lightly scented and just smell fresh so are unisex.

Overall I think that it is a great idea to get the Oxy Clearlight if you are prone to acne, spots or even the occasional breakout as it is killing the bacteria underneath the skin and I think it’s great that Oxy have given an affordable option to younger people as they are the ones that usually get spots and acne but the treatments in the clinics are hundreds of pounds which they are unable to afford usually. 

The facewash is a great product to have in the cupboard for if you have a breakout on the face or the body and emergency spot gel is a must have for my bathroom cabinet, as I rarely get spots when one appears I do have a stage four bitch fit so something is needed immediately to help get it off my face! I could take or leave the exfoliator, definitely not a must have item from the range.

OXY products are available from www.oxy.co.uk and Boots and Superdrug stores

Disclaimer: Products mentioned were provided for review purposes