Spa Fabulous Organics Complexion Perfection Facial

3 hours after my facial with no makeup (hence the slighly light brows)!

I was invited to London to try out the Spa Fabulous Organics Complexion Perfection Facial and this was done by Spa Fabulous Organics founder Neenah Trehan.

This facial promises to deliver both instant and long lasting results. The Spa Fabulous Organics Complexion Perfection Facial is a skin specific treatment that uses an incredibly neat vacuum suction system designed by Neena herself.

The vacuum simultaneously purifies, firms and contours the skin and I left the facial happy to wander around the town and go to the Nicki Minaj concert that I was due at without any foundation or concealer at all!

As well as feeling ok without any makeup my skin was brighter, firmer and so hydrated and it looked clean and clear.  My face definitely looked lifted to me.

The facial uses Spa Fabulous Organics products (pictured above) which feel and smell absolutely gorgeous. Neena Trehan only uses the finest organic oils, vitamins and minerals with no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, carcinogens, artificial colours or fragrances.  The products have many of my favourite ingredients such as rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe vera.

Neenah also designed and has had produced the Complexion Perfection vacuum system which is a machine she uses in the facial which helps to to improve circulation and remove dead cells and toxins. 

I wholeheartedly recommend you try this as I had just as good results as when I have Crystal Clear microdermabrasion but with lots of lovely natural products.

Go to for more information. 

If you are having your facial at the Wimpole Street location then it is the black door with the silver knocker on the side of the road nearest the chemist. I say this as I got lost!!

 Facial was provided free for review – honest review as always