Lee Stafford My Perfectly Polished Finishing Touch Brush

I’m always looking for a good hair brush to use for my extensions because, while I love my tangle teaser to death and wouldn’t be apart from it, as it’s great for the roots and ensuring your extensions aren’t ripped out,  it’s not always great at smoothing any frizz out of the ends, because it’s so gentle.

I was looking for a brush that I could use just to finish my hair after using the tangle teaser and the Lee Stafford Perfectly Polished finishing touch brush (£9.99) seemed to be a great option.  Lee Stafford have just launched their new range of brushes, each with a specific use.  I love the bright pink style of the brush and it also makes it  handy to see in your handbag or gym bag, rather than black brushes which are usually indistinguishable with the lining of my bag, so it saves time.

After using it for a few weeks now I definitely think this is a great brush for what I use it for.  It helps finish off your style, to make your hair really shiny and get rid of any frizz, it does this because it uses boar bristles which help distribute either the sebum from your scalp if you are using this on your natural hair or, in my case, my spray on hair oil or serum, evenly along the hair shaft leaving your hair looking smooth and sleek instead of frizzy or dry.

You can use the brush after curling your hair to give you a beachy wave look or to style your hair straight and sleek.  I haven’t used this for putting my hair up because I would have to use it too near the join of my extensions and I don’t want it to cause a problem with that but I am sure it would work just as well for ponytails or up do’s on natural hair. Definitely a hair must have for me.

You can check out the website here www.leestafford.com and you can purchase the brush from Boots for £9.99 My Perfectly Polished Finishing Touch Brush