Cobella Spa Kensington Facial Review

When you step through the door of a spa and
immediately start to feel your stress slip away, you know you’re in for a
treat.  I was invited along to The
Cobella Spa for the Oxyderm facial with microdermabrasion last week which was
just what I needed before my trip to Dublin. 
The spa is located in the basement of the Cobella hair salon in the busy
Kensington High Street area, just a short walk from the tube station.

The hair salon is well known and has many
celebrities as clientele but the spa has recently been refurbished and is now
much more of a haven away from the hustle and bustle of Kensington than it was
previously, it now has more of a high-end hotel spa feel that smells amazing
and made me feel instantly relaxed.

After taking a seat in the comfy waiting area,
Georgia, the Cobella Spa Manager and I went through some forms and then
discussed the treatment I would be having, which was the Oxyderm facial with
microdermabrasion.  We discussed what
happens during the treatment and the benefits of having it done.  I am always sceptical when salons don’t tell
you exactly what is happening or why they are doing it as  I love to know what is going on so I was very
impressed with the in depth information given. 
My skin is dry and, after a few too many naughty glasses of champagne
the night before, pretty dehydrated (slap wrist)!  Georgia tailored the treatment and all of the
Guinot and Crystal Clear product to my skin type.

I don’t think I look too bad for 30! (don’t burst my bubble please…)!

Basically the treatment involves the usual
cleansing and masks but also a microdermabrasion treatment using the Crystal
Clear machine (I have already reviewed this here so please take a look to learn
more about microdermabrasion and the benefits Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Review)
and an oxygen facial which blasts pure medical grade oxygen onto the skin.  I think the combination of both treatments is
a great idea, you get the longer lasting effects of the microdermabrasion and
the immediate plumping effects of the oxygen so you can leave the salon looking
fabulous immediately so it’s great before a wedding or an event.

After relaxing in the lovely luxurious treatment
room Georgia started by cleansing my skin using the amazing Guinot products.  First after the cleansing was the
microdermabrasion using the crystal clear machine which I have always loved, it
really is the best salon brand on the market in my opinion (and Georgia’s),
this was done with lymphatic drainage strokes. 
That was followed by a double mild exfoliation using fruit acids
(predominantly vitamin C)

Next came the lovely lymphatic drainage massage
using pure vitamins A, E and C and jojoba oil and I could feel she was also
using pressure point techniques during this process, it was so relaxing.
Georgia then applied a mild hydroscopic enzyme mask with warm mitts applied on
top which helps to boost the active ingredients.  The mask stays on a little while so you are
treated to a fabulous shoulder, hand, arm and foot massage routine using
aromatherapy associates massage oil for pure relaxation, and pure relaxation it
must be, because I fell fast asleep!  I
hope I didn’t snore!

To finish the facial a hydrating serum and
moisturiser are applied before the finale which I was most excited about.  Your skin is treated to a pure blast of medical
grade oxygen with vitamin c infused into it through a hand held device (which I
couldn’t see very well as my glasses were off, but looked a bit like a wand).

This may seem rather bizarre and I also couldn’t
find any clinical data about how this actually helps your facial skin, but
blasting the skin with oxygen really made my skin look younger and plumper and I
was glowing.  I have also seen the
benefits of oxygen on the face in a rather different scenario, when my mum was
in hospital she was very poorly and had to wear an oxygen mask for a number of
weeks, whilst this was truly a terrible time and she was so ill, her skin
looked great and she didn’t actually look that ill! I think people thought she
looked better than usual! And this was purely due to the oxygen being blasted
onto her face, so I really have seen first-hand how this has worked on her and
not just on myself.  The salon uses
medical grade oxygen just like they would in a hospital.

Overall, the entire experience at the Cobella Spa
would easily deserve a 10/10, I would happily pay for this facial again with
Georgia, no question at all.  Georgia is
hands down the best therapist I have ever seen for a facial, and I have had a
lot! She is so knowledgeable and passionate about beauty and skincare so I felt
extremely confident with my face in her hands. 
She has really made the Cobella spa look and feel so relaxing and after
this experience I can’t wait to go back. 
I would definitely have this facial again as my skin looked brighter,
firmer, and clearer and literally glowing which I hope can be picked up in the

The Oxyderm facial costs £93 for 60 minutes and you
can see their website here: Cobella Spa

Or you can save a few pounds and book through
Wahanda here: Cobella booking through Wahanda