Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

Real Techniques brushes are designed by the well known make-up artists Nicola and Samantha Chapman who together host the Pixiwoo Channel on YouTube which is full of amazing tutorials, ideas, reviews and really useful information.

I love the original Real Techniques brushes that I own and I always recommend Real Techniques brushes to friends (as well as Zoeva kits for those with no proper brushes at all) as their products are comparative to high end designer brushes but with a super low price-tag.

When I saw online the gorgeous new Bold Metals collection of brushes in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold I knew I had to add at least one to my rather hefty make-up brush collection.  They are more expensive than the regular line of brushes, but as you can see, they are much more luxe.   You can never have enough brushes in my opinion and I personally invest in good tools to apply products, if you only have a bit of money to spend on make-up or brushes I would recommend spending the money on the brushes, as the application can make even cheaper make-up apply just as well as expensive make-up.


The Bold Metals collection has recently been launched online and in Boots in the UK, I believe it’s available in Ulta in the USA.  It is a more luxe version of brushes specifically designed with the make-up artist in mind.  The handles are tapered so they slide easily into a brush belt, weighted for enhanced precision of product application and angled so they don’t roll around or fall off your dressing table, which are all really cool design additions.  The white bristles of the brushes were chosen to show exactly how much product is on the brush and the really dense but soft bristles and tapered design are to ensure advanced pick up of product and to make blending easier.

The brushes I have are the rose gold ones (my favourite metal), and are part of the ‘finishing’ collection.  I have the 301 flat contour brush £22.00 and the 300 tapered blush brush £24.00.

My overall thoughts 

My favourite hands down is the 301 flat contour brush, this is the absolute easiest brush to use to contour your cheekbones, it’s the perfect size and shape in my opinion, picks up just the right amount of colour and makes it so so easy to blend, if you only buy one brush from this collection and obviously if you like contouring, then this is the one to get, it gets right into the hollows of your cheeks and gives you that Kim K look without half an hour of blending.

From the picture below you can see how easy it is to use the contour brush to get a precise line and then the blush brush to put the colour just where you want it, so it all blends together seamlessly.

The 300 tapered blush brush is really great, it picks up so much colour from the pan of your blush, colours I can barely get to show up using other brushes appear vivid and bright using this, it’s amazing, it just grabs so much colour, and it puts it precisely where you want it.  This does mean that you need to dust off any excess or give it a practice run the first time you use it so you know how sparing you can be with your product, before you end up looking as red in the face as if you’d run a marathon!

At first I thought it was a shame that the different brushes come in different colour ways (gold for face brushes, silver for eye brushes and rose gold for finishing brushes) as I wanted all rose gold! However, I realised that if you bought all of them it would then be really easy to find the right brush just by the colour, especially for make-up artists who would have many brushes and need to work quickly and find the right brush in a hurry so I can see why they did that.

The only negative comment I have is about the glue used to stick them to the box, I am sure there is a reason it’s so strong but I had to wrestle with both brushes to get them out of the packaging and was a bit terrified I would chip or scratch them (as I had read reviews about the handles chipping and scratching for other girls).  This is quite a minor thing though and overall I would give the range of brushes 8/10 and the contour brush definitely a 10/10.

You can read more here Real Techniques Website

And purchase here in the UK: Boots