Introducing the NEW Dove Soft Feel Range

This is my review of the new Dove Soft Feel deodorant range, which includes a gorgeous scent developed with Parisian fragrance house Givaudan, owing for a truly luxurious fragrance and freshness all day long.  Deodorant might not be top of the list of exciting beauty purchases but it’s one of the most important. Trust me; nobody will care how good you look if you don’t smell great too!

For me, it’s important to find a reliable, long lasting and delicately scented deodorant that I can put on in the morning and will leave me feeling and smelling fresh all day long, without me having to give it a second thought.  I’m very loyal to a deodorant brand once I find one that works well, and I have been using Dove deodorant for years, I have always loved the scents they provide, and chop and change scent whenever I stock up.  I’ve been trying out the two Soft Feel products for the last few weeks and wanted to give you a review of this new line.

 Available in a roll on and compressed spray format to ensure your preference is catered for; the formula is ultra-light and feels instantly dry and soft on application, just like powder.  I was surprised that even the roll on felt dry practically instantaneously, leaving my underarms feeling soft and smooth and improving the look and feel of my skin from the moment it was applied.  This is not a harsh product and will not leave you sticky, stinging or burning as many other products do as there is 0% alcohol and NEW Dove Soft Feel also features Dove’s ¼ moisturising cream formula.

The Soft Feel range are 48hr anti-antiperspirants that have a delicate scent that reminds me of a warm powder fragrance, blending fresh feminine florals with creamy musk and ambery back notes and was developed by Givaudan with the aim of bringing a sense of luxury, comfort and cleanliness to women.  I love this scent and while I can’t say I have ever needed to use a deodorant for 48 hours straight, this definitely lasts the 15 hour days that I often have to put in at the office, without any need for reapplication.  The new compressed cans of deodorant are really handy and are the perfect size to slip in your handbag.

 I prefer the spray from the two options available, and will definitely be re-purchasing this when I next stock up on essentials.  Overall I’ve been extremely impressed by Dove’s new Soft Feel range, especially considering how affordable the products are.

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If you like the sound of these deodorants then you can enter to win a year’s supply for free in my next blog post, so look out for that on Saturday 2nd May 2015.  The competition will be open for one week and one prize winner will receive a year’s supply (12 items) of the fantastic new Dove Soft Feel deodorant.

The Dove Soft Feel range is available now in stores and online.  The RRP* for the new 125ml Dove Soft Feel Compressed deodorant is £3.79, 75ml Compressed deodorant £2.99 and 50ml Roll On £2.39.

*All prices quoted are Recommended Retail Prices. Retailers are free at all times to set their own retail prices.

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