Mo-You London Nail Stamping Plates

 MoYou London are a nail art stamping company based in London and they recently sent me this gorgeous gift box to test out. Above is what was sent to me.

I have 4 MoYou London stamping plates, as well as their large stamper and scraper as well as the small stamper and scraper with three nail varnishes.

I have only ever used the Konad stamping plates prior to this and I found them such a faff and so messy, so I pretty much gave up, despite my love for their leopard print stamp which, let’s be honest, is so much easier than doing leopard print free hand.

Perhaps it’s putting positive energy out into the universe (or something equally hippy dippy), but I had coveted these stamps and admired them from afar without doing anything about it, and randomly one day was emailed asking if I wanted to test them out. Cue the spooky coincidence music!

For my review I decided to select some polishes and patterns at random, and try and attempt some nail art on some display nails as well as doing my own.  My own nails are very tiny, so I thought the display nails would show what the patterns could look like, should you not have nails the size of a child’s.  As it turned out, the plates tend to work better with smaller nails and I only managed to make one long fake nail look half decent. But at least I found that out!

My First Impressions

Packaging is A*, well thought out and completely covetable, and are they playing to my ego with the cartoon that looks a little like me? Perhaps…and I like it. How narcissistic! Inside the packaging were 4 stamping plates, in individual sleeves with usage instructions on the reverse, a large and small stamper and scraper and three little boxed polishes.  Tres Chic, in my opinion.  The plates are huge and really well designed, just peel off the blue protective plastic and you’re ready to go.

Before I realised you had to take the blue bit off!

How to use MoYou Stamping Plates

First off you need to ‘prime’ the stamper which means getting the stamper ready to pick up a good quality image. If it is not picking up your image very well or is really shiny then it most likely needs to be primed and I found the MoYou London ones really benefited from priming. I just take a really gentle nail file for example 400grit, buff the surface of the stamper gently and then remove any dust with a bit of sellotape.  Check by doing a test stamp to see if it has been ‘roughed up’ enough to pick up the image.

Nail Varnishes or Gel?

You can paint a base colour of either nail varnish or gel polish, stamp over acrylic or hard gel nails, or even fake stick on nails if they have a coat of nail varnish over the top (so they aren’t too shiny), however I recommend stamping the pattern with actual nail varnish only as it’s easier to get off the stamper and the plates.  If you are using gel polish do basecoat, two colour coats, topcoat then the stamped image, and then the topcoat.

MoYou polishes are the blue, gold and purple shades in the picture.  You can use your MoYou stamping images over any regular nail polish or over any gel polish.  If you are applying over regular nail polish, just make sure that the polish is fully dry first.



Once you’ve chosen the image that you want to use, paint the nail varnish onto the bit on the plate with your chosen design, and with your scraper (or just use an old credit card or similar) at a 45 degree angle, firmly scrape over the plate to remove the excess polish.  Quickly take your stamper and press and roll it from one side of the pattern to the other and  once the image is on the stamper, line it up against your nail and, using a rolling motion again, roll the stamper over onto your nail to transfer the image.  You can clean up any bits that get onto your skin with some nail varnish remover on a cotton bud.  If you want to see more tutorials you can find links here MoYou How To Videos

Once each nail is done, you can apply your polish or gel polish topcoat.  I prefer gel personally, if you’re taking so long to do a fancy manicure it would be a nightmare if it then chipped! Try not to drag the topcoat polish brush over the design so as not to disrupt it.


These plates are great.  Easy to use and really nice packaging and presentation, there are many designs on each plate and they are reasonably priced. The stamp itself is a good size but I find it a bit annoying that you aren’t just provided with one that is already primed to save time.

I should specifiy that I would only use these for a special occasion as it obviously takes longer than a normal manicure and I often work very long hours, however for times when you do have time, this really is an easy to use stamping system and they also sell a brilliant cuticle tool perfect for any sort of manicure.

Purchase from here MoYou Website at £4.99 a plate, or for £29.99 for the Comics complete set which I received MoYou Comics Gift Set