Skincare For Your Thirties

Skincare For Your Thirties

Skincare For Your Thirties 

I’ve taken a keen interest in all aspects of beauty since I was 12 so sometimes I forget what I feel is obvious, natural or just something that I have to do feels completely unnecessary and alien to others!

Luckily it’s never too late to start taking good care of your skin despite what you may think.  In your early thirties it is important to focus on age appropriate skincare as you will likely feel that your skin is getting to the stage when anti-ageing is something to worry about.

The bad news is, in your 30’s your skin’s collagen can start to weaken which means the tone and elasticity of your skin reduces, meaning that fine lines and wrinkles can develop or become more noticeable.   You will likely need to start using more hydrating products and products such as retinol and/or acid toners to really see a difference.  So here are some of my most recently tried and tested recommended products.

Zo Skin Health Offects Hydrating Cleanser, for Normal to Dry Skin 

This is a great water-soluble cleanser that I’ve been using in the mornings with my Braun face brush.   I really like the feel of this cleanser and it’s so gentle and moisturising, you don’t get that tight dry feeling and it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.  The only negative would be that while I really love the scent I realise the fact that this contains fragrance might not work for some people.  It’s also quite pricey, as you would probably expect from a line from Dr Zein Obagi.   In case you wondered yes, that is the same Obagi who created the original Obagi skincare which initially was only sold in dermatologist’s offices.  I have been really impressed with his new skincare range.

Zo Skin Health Ommerse Daily Renewal Crème 

A moisturiser housed in my favourite kind of jar with a pump top that delivers one applications worth of product, I love this packaging as it’s sanitary, airless and frankly perfect.  This day cream contains everything I want in a moisturiser: retinol, antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients and anti-irritants.

I actually prefer that it doesn’t contain SPF as I would prefer to add my own over the top depending on what level of SPF I need that day.  This is such a soothing and calming moisturiser whilst containing the retinol I need (yes need) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am about growing old as slooooowly as possible.  Zo Skin Health is a great brand to try if you’re looking for products with retinol that also contain other state-of-the-art ingredients.  It leaves my skin hydrated, looking glowing, the retinol helps with my fine lines. I am a bit obsessed.

Exuviance by Neostrata – Age Reverse HydraFirm

One of the best night creams I have found so far. This moisturiser is extremely hydrating and contains ingredients including cell-communicating peptides and hyaluronic acid to smooth skin, help fight discolourations (it doesn’t contain strong enough ingredients to reduce age spots) and hydrate but due to its gel-like light texture it doesn’t feel thick or heavy.  My skin looks smoother and feels softer and just overall more plumped and glowing. And who doesn’t want to glow?

Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish  

This isn’t your standard facial scrub; it has a three part approach to skin renewal using physical, chemical (10% glycolic acid) and papaya enzyme exfoliants.   This is the product to keep around for if you are having a dull and dingy skin day.  Rather than one that needs to be used once a week or to a specific schedule.   In just one use this gets rid of surface impurities to reveal bright luminous skin underneath.

You lightly massage the bright orange paste into wet skin then leave on for 1-2 minutes and ta da! Beautiful soft smooth and glowing skin.


I definitely recommend that you try the Zo Skin Health and Exuviance by Neostrata skincare ranges.  Both brands are really good quality and have some real gems.  While a bit more pricey than high street skincare, actually have visible results. And isn’t that the whole point?