How To Pack Light

How To Pack Light

How To Pack Light 

Plan that OOTD

Deciding what you wear in advance isn’t as over the top as it might sound and saves you taking an abundance of clothes you don’t wear.  Look at the weather forecast and see what kind of climate it will be, if you are travelling around a country sometimes it is hotter/cooler from the top to the bottom of the country so layering would be the best option.  Check if there are any cultural or religious dress codes you need to abide by during your trip or if you attend any churches or temples.  Make a list of the types of things that you need.

Keep on Rolling

Rolling your clothes is space saving and has the added benefit of leaving your clothes less creased upon arrival. I also use packing cubes or garment bags such as the ones from muji Muji garment bags to separate underwear and bikinis, tops and dresses and bottoms to save rummaging around endlessly as you know where everything is at a glance. You can also find cheap ones on ebay but I like the quality of the Muji ones.

Versatile Items

Items that can be worn as casual or dressy such as jeans or plain black leggings/jeggings, maxi dresses that can be worn with flats or heels, a thin cotton shirt that can be worn at the beach as a cover up or during the day when hiking to prevent sunburn. The most versatile item is a pashmina to cover your head in a mosque, use as a picnic blanket, use as a blanket on the plane or to cover a manky hostel pillow etc, the best ones I have ever found are cashmere and silk but cost under £20 and are from the amazing Mercado Gifts 

I suggest mostly plain clothes rather than patterns so they can be mixed and matched and sticking to a colour palette so that most items can be worn with each other.  Mine is usually black, white, grey and navy but that’s fairly easy for me since those are the colours of most of my clothes overall! Try to stick to lightweight fabrics.

No Pressure Compressure

If you need to take large bulky clothing such as coats or ski suits you can use the rolling compression bags such as these  packmate travel bags just don’t buy the hoover compression bags, it’s fairly unlikely that you are going to find a spare hoover in a hotel that you can use to pack for the return journey (although if you are charming enough maybe they will let you)!  Also shoes are a great storage space if you are taking jewellery, just put it in a little pouch and stuff it in the shoe.

Downsize Your Makeup Bag

This may sound crazy coming from a beauty junkie but you do not need to take much makeup! One small neutral eyeshadow palette including a neutral matte brown and a few brushes should be able to cover any day and night eyeshadow looks and with an angled brush can be used for brows and as eyeliner, i’d recommend something like the Stila In The Light Palette. Mini makeup from Benefit is a lifesaver and I take a mini Benefit Rollerlash, , mini
blusher and mini dandelion lipgloss. I also take minis of deodorant, shave gel and shampoo and pick those up at the airport.

Scentsational Space Saving

I love trying on perfumes at the airport and for some reason it’s a ritual that I get a bit annoyed if I
don’t have time for.  Sometimes I will purchase a mini bottle to use on the holiday if it’s an all inclusive resort or somewhere glamorous where you would probably want to wear perfume. If it’s a backpacking trip I just don’t really see the point in lugging a bottle of perfume around and I am sure trees and mountains don’t care whether you smell like Creed. To still smell nice without taking perfume you can put a few scrunched up tissues sprayed with perfume in your suitcase or backpack so at least the smell will permeate the clothes a bit.

Embrace Change

A tablet, Kindle or iPad is invaluable on a trip to save space, you can download everything from books, maps, films, taxi apps, train timetables and everything is stored on one small slim device without lugging around heavy books or pamphlets. Also if you see pamphlets about trips while you are on holiday, just take a photo of them and store them on your phone rather than carrying the actual document around. I also use passbook on my iPhone to keep all of my plane tickets safe.

Do you have any tips for space saving when packing? Please do let me know in the comments.