Top Winter Beauty Tips

top winter beauty tips

Top Winter Beauty Tips

Icy temperatures and blasting central heating can leave your hair and skin dry, dehydrated, chapped and frizzy. Here are some of my favourite tips that you can easily incorporate into your busy life to help you this winter.

Moisturising Body Wash

This product inspired the blog post, I was on the way back to the UK and my skin was so dry I bought the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Wash on a whim as I thought it looked good. Good? This stuff is fricking amazing and like washing yourself with buttery silk! This is the creamiest body wash I have ever used, it smells delicious and the massive bottle lasts ages. Its a bit harder to find in the UK but you can buy it from Feelunique using the link above. It is also SLS and Paraben free.

In-Shower Body Moisturiser 

 In-shower moisturisers are my favourite discovery from 2015, you apply them in the shower after using your body wash, rub in all over as you would a normal lotion, leave on when I conditioning your hair and then rinse off  when you rinse off the hair conditioner.  There is no sticky residue, you can get straight after and your skin is left really soft and smooth.

My favourite is the  Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser  and I’ve been using it for months with great results.  All of the scents are gorgeous and there is even an aftersun version which I used daily in Australia.

 Soothing A Chapped Nose

When the sniffles hit, out come the tissues and then along comes the sore chapped nose.  Try to replace your tissues with either a soft cotton handkerchief or muslin cloth.  If you don’t like the idea of that try ultra soft tissues including lotion (avoid menthol) to minimise scratching such as the Balsam tissues by Kleenex. Try and blot your nose rather than rubbing.

Apply ointment around your nose as a barrier even before it gets chapped in cold weather, the best one I have found is Lucas’ PawPaw which you can buy online if you’re in the UK, it’s like a natural version of vaseline.

Dry Hands and Nails

CND’s Solar Oil is a saviour for cuticles but you can also pour a little out of the bottle and mix it with your usual hand cream to make it more hydrating in the winter months.  Solar Oil’s ingredients include jojoba oil and vitamin E which are moisturising and soothing. I love this stuff.

Winter Hair Care Tips

I have used the Aussie Winter Miracle limited edition shampoo and three minute miracle conditioner for the last month. Despite it being  low priced it’s been the best shampoo and conditioner I have used in months.  My hair had been frizzy from the sun in Australia and then coming back to the cold and wind outside.  The central heating has also frazzled it now I’m back.  After using the products for a week I started to notice the difference.  My hair is now soft and shiny and back to it’s best.

Change your regular conditioner for a deep conditioner or treatment every time you wash your hair and washing your hair less (I wash mine twice a week).  Give your hair a good brush in the morning to distribute the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair so they aren’t just on the roots, and use a dry shampoo to freshen up the roots.

A new product I have been using to keep my hair shiny and moisturised is a spray oil in a aerosol can, it gives such a fine mist of oil your hair gets a perfect light coating to moisturise and prevent frizz and breakage without making your hair gunky or greasy.  It’s by Macadamia Professional and called the Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist it’s great for fine hair and doesn’t weigh it down. I use it after towel drying and then before I leave the house every morning I spray all over my hair focusing a bit more on the ends.

 Dry Lip Tips

I’ve tried many lip balms,  Nivea Lip Butter is my favourite.  Put on before bed and leave on overnight to wake up with soft and smooth lips.  It’s a cross between a Nivea moisturiser and vaseline so it does have a different texture to regular lip balm. Perfect overnight or before matte lipstick application.  Leave a thick layer on for a few minutes before using matte lipstick and wipe off before application.

Final Thoughts

I hope some of these tips and new product finds help you! If you have any tips for winter weather beauty then please do leave a comment below x