Rosie Bea Press-On Nails

Rosie Bea Press-On Nails

Rosie Bea Press-On Nails



Rosie Bea Press-On Nails  

If you’ve had a nail art manicure or perused Pinterest nail pictures you will know how amazing the designs are.  Just like tiny works of art!  Nail techs make it look effortless, so why is it so hard to replicate at home?

I’ve tried many times but usually just give up in frustration.  I am clearly not cut out for the level of patience required nor the steady hand that is needed.

Superdrug Haulage

So imagine my delight when I ducked into Superdrug and saw the new Elegant Touch Rosie Bea press-on nails!  The whole collection is so pretty and adorable. These are peach and rose gold…I love rose gold anything!

The designs are cute but subtle and easy to be able to get away with in the office.  All that and my Shellac which takes me an hour is replaced with a five minute stick on job.  Now this is the type of nail art effort level I can handle.

How Much Are They?

These Rosie Bea nails are named Spotlight and cost just £6.50.  There are plenty of small sizes for those of us with tiny nails and are the perfect length.  Some brands are far too long to be practical but with these I can type and text easily.  But best of all, you literally just stick them on! No more hours of using nail art brushes, nail art pens and general frustration.  Five minutes after opening the box and you have perfect nails.

Who is Rosie Bea?

Rosie Bea is a beauty blogger and vlogger and this is her first collaboration with Elegant Touch.

Final Thoughts

The Rosie Bea Press On Nails  are well worth £6.50.  They lasted me a week and I had lots of compliments on the design.  I find them really pretty and cute and a lot different to my usual short dark nail choice.  These are great for those with bitten nails or busy people with neither the time nor inclination for nail art.

Rosie Bea and Elegant Touch Press on Nails cost £6.50 and are available from Elegant Touch’s website or Superdrug.  There are 3 plain sets and 3 nail art designs in the collection.

Do you wear press-on nails?