Top 4 Tanning Products You Need Now

Top 4 Tanning Products You Need Now

Top 4 Tanning Products You Need Now

I’ll get straight to the point. I want to look tanned and bronzed in summer without looking like a frazzled old leather sofa in years to come..and avoid skin cancer. Let’s pretend I said that first.

Onto the plan. You need to find an awesome fake tan and the best sun protection.  These are the 4 best for Summer 2016.

L'oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Face Mist SPF50

1. L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Face Mist SPF50 RRP- Not sure

Ok don’t hate me, this isn’t available in the UK yet.  It’s from the Asian L’oreal range and it isn’t likely to be here in the UK until 2017. I know. But stick with me because  you need this in your life!

Find a relative, a stranger you met backpacking, that random guy who works in the HK branch of your office and always sends you a Christmas email. Anyone you can find that lives in Asia –  beg them to post you one as you need this and I am not being overly dramatic at all.

This ultra lightweight SPF50 is sweat proof, hydrating, non-sticky, non-greasy and applies in 4 seconds. It is a facial spray! You can spray it on over your makeup, it’s the same consistency as a normal setting spray. It gives 12 hours of UV protection and it’s super hydrating.  I’m surprised it doesn’t also make you a cocktail! This is the best SPF I have ever tried in my life. All the fun facts are here that show how well it’s been tested> The Specifics

2 St Tropez, Prep and Maintain (Body Polish 200ml) £7.95 Link Here

I found this St Tropez Prep and Maintain exfoliator when I was perusing my favourite discount beauty site  Since it was discounted I gave it a go and it’s all I’ve used to exfoliate since.  It smells great and lasts well as you don’t need to use much, due to the thick paste consistency.  It attacks dry heels and elbows without scratching and gets rid of old patchy tan like a dream.  I adore the tube as it means I don’t get bits of scrub stuck under my nails.


3. St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse 200ml £18.95 Link Here

Last time I used St Tropez was in my early twenties when St Tropez was bloody awful.  Trying this one I was gobsmacked at the difference.  It’s a rapid tan that works in 1 hour for a light tan, 2 for mid and 3 for dark. If you’ve got a night out and have forgotten to tan the night before – perfect. The 3-hour colour is golden brown and it smells like a clean cotton candle…how is that possible? Not only that but with a £14 discount it’s much more sensibly priced. How they can charge £30 normally I have no idea, that’s insane!

#protip for mousse tan facial application is to spray some onto a synthetic foundation brush and buff it in well so you don’t end up streaky.



4. Lancaster Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil SPF50 £16.95 Link Here 

This clear spray on oil has an SPF50 and doesn’t sweat off even if you are adventuring rather than sunbathing.  This contains the same tan activator complex as the world famous Lancaster Tan Maximiser lotion at the same time as protecting you from the sun. Use it on your hair and scalp when swimming for extra protection and slather it all over your body to protect from sunburn.  You will notice you tan more evenly and quicker than normal with no burning.


What are your favourite summer products?


All items purchased by me.