Top 5 Affordable Amazon Nail Picks

Top 5 Affordable Amazon Nail Picks

Top 5 Affordable Amazon Nail Picks

1. Soak Off Gel Polish Removed Clips Link Here £1.30

What a genius idea! These plastic clips completely remove the annoyance of removing your acrylics or gel polish at home.  Just buff the shine from your nails, soak small bits of cotton wool in acetone, place one on the nail then clip it in place. Repeat for all nails then wait for 10 minutes and your Shellac or Gel Polish will be ready to push off with a cuticle pusher. Not only that, you can buy big ones for your toes too! Getting foil on my toes is a nightmare, this is an awesome time saver, I can’t believe I’m this excited about a plastic clip! The ones for your toes are £1.49 Link Here.

2. Nail Art Designing Brush and Tool Kit Link Here £3.79

This massive kit is a total steal and has everything you need to create some fab nail art. I paid more than this just for 2 dotting tools back when I was a nail technician!  The wallet will help you keep your tools in one place, and the wallet even has a plastic protector inside to keep things clean.  An absolute bargain for 20 different tools.

3. Disposable Peel Off Cuticle Guard Stickers Link Here £2.99

I know a lot of people that could use these! Painting your nails whilst avoiding the cuticle seems quite hard for some people.  To be fair I have been painting mine since I was about 5 and had polly pocket peel off nail varnish, so I had a head start. These stickers fit around your nail, protecting your skin from regular varnish or marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Just wait until the polish is dry, then peel off the sticker and any mistakes. Can also be used with Shellac or Gel polish unlike the peel-off product that does a similar job (which sets rock hard under UV lamps). This would definitely be helpful if you’re planning on trying the new Nails Inc spray on nail varnish to save time.

4. 36 Watt UV Lamp Link Here £12.95

This was the cheapest 36 watt UV lamp that I could find, it will cure all gel polishes or regular nail gel.  Just purchase your choice of Shellacs or gel polishes, remembering the base and topcoat, and away you go! Saving yourself money by doing your gel polish yourself.


5.  Colour Changing Gel Nail Polish Link Here £6.50

This is a big of a gimmick, but I just can’t believe the technology!  This colour changing gel polish is heat activated. How cool is that? There are lots of different colour combos available, see the chart above. This would be great for  your Summer holidays.

Let me know if you pick anything up from the list!