Crazy New Spray-On Nail Polish


Crazy New Spray-On Nail Polish

The new beauty buzz in the nail world is spray on nail varnish! Crazy as it sounds I got my hands on Nails Inc Paint can in Good As Gold, a collaboration with Lottie Tomlinson (who I’ll admit I had to google…slightly out of touch there Sarah)!

But onto the more important part – spray-on nail polish! The peeps at Nails Inc. have created a new formula that sticks to your nails and not your skin. Pop on the basecoat, spray on the paint can, use the topcoat then after leaving to dry you simply wash or wipe excess away and your manicure is done. Easy Peasy.

For those who hate to apply polish themselves or for those trying to do a pedicure who aren’t very good at it this could be a blessing. I got sent the Good as Gold shade to test out.  Here’s how my trial went.

The Supplies

1 x Paint Can of spray on nail varnish from Nails Inc in Good as Gold (£10)

1 x 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat (£8)

Nails Inc Paint Can Good as Gold
Apply the Basecoat
Nails Inc Paint Can Good as Gold
Spray on the Paint Can Polish
Nails Inc Paint Can Good as Gold
Remove the Gloves Once Varnish is Dry

The Process

  • Apply a thin coat of 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat to each nail
  • Ensure this dries before carrying on with the process. I don’t think I waited long enough
  • Shake the Paint Can thoroughly
  • At this point I got into OCD cleaning mode and decided to spare Liz turning into a Charlize Theron gold covered wannabe
  • To save mess you can use latex gloves, snip off the tips and put on as normal.  Tres trendy for Spring/Summer 2017.
  • Put the hand to be sprayed on some spare paper to avoid mess
  • Spray on the polish onto the nails from around 10cm away
  • Try not to get too close and ensure each nail is thoroughly covered
  • Stop and behold your friend’s gold hand and try not to laugh
  • Using the same 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat, add another coat or two over the sprayed-on polish
  • Wash your hands or use a wet wipe to remove excess polish from around your fingernails.
  • All done!
Nails Inc Paint Can Good as Gold
The Finished Result

The Results

And just like that, you’ve got gold nails. It definitely appears to be faster than painting them individually. One important thing to note — you must wait until the base coat is dry before spraying and the top coat is dry before washing your hands.  It does also clearly make a mess, so spray over something that isn’t your bathroom counter or kitchen table or do it in your garden or balcony, as it does smell quite strong.


Overall Thoughts

While this might be a gimmick it’s a quick and handy way to do your nails if you’re in a rush and a great idea to keep in the cupboard for toes if you need an emergency pedicure on a sandal wearing day. You can also use this over the top of another colour, stick on tape or other shapes before spraying to make a design or use with gel or acrylics to perk them up while waiting for an infill.

This did only last a couple of days before chipping, so as mentioned, is more of a handy product to have in a rush, than something to use every week for your manicure.

You can buy the Paint Cans from for £10 (8 shades available) and the 2 in 1 Top & Base Coat is £8.


I was also sent this adorable makeup bag, ‘Stop, Glamour Time’ how cute is it?! You can purchase it for £12.00 Link Here.