A Weekend In Rome Photo Diary

A Weekend In Rome Photo Diary




A Weekend In Rome Photo Diary

With my meetings in Rome more or less finished, what could be better than a day to myself to see the sights?  I needed a lie in and felt I deserved it as a bit of a well done to me for dealing with the intensity of the previous few days. Normally there’s only around 15 people to deal with, this time it was around 40! Keeping 40 people happy can be pretty stressful.

Then add to the fact all hotel and restaurant staff (Barring Aroma who were Bloody Fantastic) were driving me round the bend acting like we were doing them a favour by being in their hotel/restaurant. One was not amused. One may have told a certain up himself, short-ass, Donald Trump hued maitre d that he was totes useless.

I’m sorry but how can you call a private dining room private when it has see through windows into the main restaurant? Who wants to eat in a goldfish bowl? What a bloody weirdo. He seemed incredulous when I told him to cover the glass by any means necessary. He huffed and he puffed and pratted about until I gave him ‘The Look’. ‘The Look’ is rather scathing, especially as my face is frozen from botox. It’s a cross between ‘are you fucking serious’, ‘eyeroll’ and ‘die now you smug wanker’.  Works quite well on snooty know-it-alls.

Once Arguing With Tiny Italians Was Done With 

Armed with only my phone and my camera off I set at 9am on Saturday morning and I walked until lunchtime. From near the university to the Trevi Fountain I went up and down and around, and I didn’t even get lost thanks to google maps. After a delish lunch at San Silvestro of pizza and red wine (naturally), I set off again on my sightseeing missions.

A Horse?

Fuelled by pizza and feeling adventurous due to the wine I ventured a little further afield and went to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, to see the ancient ruins, then since I was frankly knackered I went and had a sit in the massive Villa Borghese Gardens, situated near the hotel I had stayed in with work called Via Veneto.  In the gardens I had a rather bizarre encounter with a random horse. I am still not sure why there was nobody else in the gardens or where the horse came from. Or why it was chilling casually by itself come to think of it. Odd things always happen to me.

Post Horse Interaction

I popped back to the hotel to check that everyone was getting on ok with checking out and getting into the right chauffeur cars. Miraculously they had survived and all was fine. After my thanks to the only helpful people in the hotel, the guys outside who take your suitcase in, off I went on my merry blistered heel way.

I walked back via Rome Termini station so I could work out where to get the train to the airport the next day, all fine,  figured that out. Then remembered that not only had I been there before I’d actually got a train from there before. I can’t believe I had forgotten!

Chill Time

After that I didn’t really take any more pictures and just enjoyed not having to work, I meandered most of the way back to the hotel, got lost, my phone died and I ended up getting a taxi.  I chilled at the bar Libreria Kappa Bistrot and when I asked if they had food, and they said no, I just thought meh whatever, have another glass of wine. Then the super sweet guy behind the bar took pity on me and made me bruschetta with tuna and tomatoes and found me some crisps, and gave them to me for free! What a nice guy, he had a great beard. That’s literally all I can remember about that, the wine was a bit strong!

And that was it! An early night and a lie in then off on the Leonardo Express train to the airport. I’m glad I had the extra day and a bit and had time to relax and enjoy the sights.

Have you ever been to Italy? What did you think?