Last-Minute Christmas Gifts 20 Under £20

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts 20 Under £20

Last Minute Christmas Gifts – 20 Under £20

If you don’t have much money left for stocking fillers or you can’t work out WTF to buy for your secret Santa.  Here are 20 gift ideas all under £20 to help you out.

Last-Minute Gifts 20 Under £20


1. Heyland and Whittle Green Tea and Grapefruit Bath Foam £12.50 Link Here

A large, good quality of bath foam that of course could be used as shower gel instead. Fresh and fruity this is a great unisex scent.

2. Man Zi Miao Wine Lip Tint

£1.29 Link Here

If your friend loves wine and makeup (my kind of friend) then these cute lip tints in the shape of wine bottles are just the thing.

3. Weleda Creamy Body Washes Gift Set

£13.95 Link Here

This tiny drawer full of mini body washes has lots of fragrance options and is great for regular travellers or gym goers who really need those minis.

4 Beatitude Comfort Mini Candle

£12.00 Link Here

I’ve mentioned this a few times before but this candle smells amazing, so relaxing and spa-like.


5. Benecos Orange and Sea Buckthorn Christmas Gift Set 

£10.95 Link Here

A lovely pampering gift set for the one in your life who loves natural and organic skincare.

6. Heyland and Whittle Shea Butter Bath Melts

£9.99 Link Here

If you’ve got a bathing beauty to buy for then these will go down a treat. More grown up than a bath bomb and filled with flower petals for a moisturising, soothing bathtime treat.

7. Fortnum and Mason Rose Biscuits

£10.95 – Link Here

If you’re going to get someone some biccies for Christmas why not get the best? I also adore Fortnum’s pistachio biscuits so there’s another option. This is making me hungry.

8. Carmex Keep Calm and Carry Bag Gift Set

£12.00 Link Here

This is perfect for a work secret Santa. Who hasn’t got dry lips after the combo of heating and air conditioning?

I suppose the cat did technically only cost £20!


9. Ciate Paint Pot To Go Duo

£10.00 Link Here or Here

One for the nail lover. A lovely nude shade which you can wear alone or with the glitter shade over the top for some new year bling.

10. Fortnum and Mason Champagne Truffles

£7.50 Link Here

If you’re buying a present it’s much better to get something small and good quality than something large and cheap.  You might not get many truffles in this mini box but they are de blimming licious!

11. Weleda Arnica Gift Tube

£7.95 Link Here

A perfect gift for the sporty spice of your life, arnica is great for helping to reduce bruising.

12. Enid Blyton Five Go On A Strategy Away Day Book

£2.99 (rrp £7.99) Link Here

I had to buy this as it made me cry laughing. We have strategy away days at work you see… and this book is a hilarious joke take on the famous five books but for adults. Whoever came up with the idea for these is a genius!

13. Heyland and Whittle Gold Frankincense and Myrr Gift Set

£14.50 Link Here

Spoil someone with some gold, frankincense and myrr scented beauty items to make them feel like the queen of the castle. Since feeling like Jesus might be a bit odd!

14. Korres Almond Cherry Gift Set

£14.50 Link Here

Totally baffled what to get? A Korres gift set is always well received. Products are awesome, smell awesome, look awesome. Also always a good present for yourself.

15. Lavera Makeup

Glossy Lips £9.90, Organic Mascara £12.90, Tinted Moisturising Cream £12.90.

I was never a big organic makeup lover until trying Lavera. It is so nice and so kind to your skin.  The mascara keeps your lashes so soft, the lip gloss smells and tastes of honey. I am presuming there’s actually honey in there otherwise I will be baffled by their trickery! Such a nice gift for someone who doesn’t really wear makeup as it’s all very natural in ingredients and results.

16. I Am Very Busy Notebook

£13.95 Link Here

Part present, part instagram prop this cute notebook is functional and also gives people a hint. Whether they take the hint is quite another matter!

17. Tangle Angel Hairbrush

£11.85 Link Here

Like a tangle teezer, but better! No more hairbrush flying out of your hand as this one has a handy handle. Great design and looks a bit like it’s for my little pony. Which I actually rather enjoy.

18. Obama Llama Game

£17.99 Link Here

One of the funniest games I’ve found since cards against humanity and ultimately less rude. It has cards for 3 different games in the box but if you want to see how it’s played you can always check this youtube video which is where I found out about it.  Link Here.

19. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

£9.99 Link Here

A great everyday eyeshadow palette with lots of blush and nude shades which would suit anyone.

20. Penguin Headphone Splitter

£9.50 Link Here

For anyone with a long journey home this Christmas a great pressie would be this headphone splitter. How many times have you wanted to watch something on someone else’s laptop on a plane and had to have one bloody headphone each. Nightmare! This cute penguin headphone splitter means you can plug both pairs into this and then plug the penguin into the 1 headphone jack. Technology solves arguments, what can I say.

So those are my suggestions for 20

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Under £20