Fab Brows, Brow Stencils and Ombre Brows

Fab Brows, Brow Stencils and Ombre Brows

Fab Brows, Brow Stencils and Ombre Brows

Brows. Everyone wants them to look amazing, nobody wants to spend half an hour doing them. Good brows can make you look younger, more put together and generally more polished. But how to make them even?

I don’t care if they’re supposed to be ‘sisters not twins’

I want them to look like twins alright! Scientifically people are drawn to people whose faces are symmetrical, so my feeling is, the more they look the same, the better they’re going to look to you and anyone looking at your face! But that’s pretty hard to do freehand when you’re not Manny Mua.

How To Do Your Brows The Easy Way

The Fab Brows Duo kit comes with brow stencils. If you’ve never tried brow stencils before they are a game changer. They make doing your eyebrows SO quick and easy and help them look more symmetrical. They are great for everyone especially beginners and they’re pretty foolproof.

The Brow Kit comes with 6 eyebrow stencils in different shapes.  Try them all over the top of your own brows and pick the right stencil for your brow shape (if you have minimal brows try a few and see which one looks the most natural).

The Palette

Now we get onto the palette.  The packaging is really nice, gold and looks high quality. You also get a brush.  I have a hard time doing my brows as I wear glasses and have to get really close to the mirror so I like that the brush handle is short and doesn’t bang against the mirror. It’s not the best brush in the world but it’s not too bad. The bristles weren’t my favourite.

My shade is light and you get two different colours which I blended together to make the perfect light brown colour which is perfect for blondes, there is a medium brown kit and a dark kit for those with dark or black hair so they cover all bases.

The brow powder is waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof which I tested out at the gym and yes, it is all of those things. I must have looked mental as my foundation sweated off and left just the brows haha!

How To Use The Kit

The easiest way to do the brows is before you do any other makeup.  I spritz my face with facial spray so the stencil sticks a little and doesn’t wobble.  Then I line up the stencil and push it down over my brow.  I rub the brush into both colours and mix, then, starting in the middle of the brow I work towards the tail with light strokes.  I get some more product, wipe a bit off then start at the beginning of the brow and work through to the middle.  This is so you don’t get a dark beginning of the brow fading to light.


Flip the stencil over and repeat for the other brow. Ensure you line it up correctly before you start, check a few times before going in with the powder.

Then take the stencil off and carry on with your other makeup! If you need to tidy up around the edges you can with your base or a concealer. Job done!

Before and After Pictures

I think they look pretty good.  Especially as it was so quick to do and I am in dire need of an eyebrow wax.

Ombre Brows Using The Fab Brow Kit

You can also use the kit for the trendy new ombre eyebrow look which you can see on MakeupThang below.

  1. Match your colour. To achieve the most natural effect you should choose a colour that’s similar to your eyebrow hair colour.
  2. Choose a Stencil to fit your eyebrow.
  3. Starting with your darkest colour in the kit, place the stencil on your eyebrow and use your brush to brush the colour against the hair growth (opposite direction) start at the end of your eyebrow and stop just after your arch leaving the start of your eyebrow clear.
  4. Using the lightest colour in your kit, gently brush the powder up and down at the start of your brow.
  5. Repeat on your other Eyebrow and VOILA!
Ombre Eyebrow
Photo Credit Makeupthang

Where Do I Get This Magic Stuff?

You can purchase Fab Brows Duo Eyebrow Kit for just £20 from the Fab Brows Website .

Have you ever tried eyebrow stencils?

What do you think of the ombre eyebrow trend?