Pixi Beauty Skin Treats for Glowing Winter Skin

Pixi Beauty Skin Treats for Glowing Winter Skin

Pixi Beauty Skin Treats for Glowing Winter Skin

I’ve used Pixi Beauty’s Glowtion Day Dew for a while but the Beauty Sleep Cream is new to me.  I’ve been enjoying using these Pixi Beauty Skin Treats for Glowing Winter Skin this month so I thought I would share how you can use both to pep your skin up and get a glow even when the weather is trying it’s best to mess up your skin!

Pixi Beauty Glowtion Day Dew £24

Pixi’s Glowtion Day Dew is the ultimate all in one moisturiser and primer, perfect before applying your base to illuminate lacklustre complexions. This is the perfect thing to use before work for some radiance-boosting, and it also blurs the visibility of imperfections.

It’s often hard to find products that give you a subtle, lit-from-within glow rather than looking like a strobed up disco ball. Which, in my opinion,  doesn’t really work in a lot of offices!  However, this works perfectly to naturally enhance the skin without making you look holographic.

I don’t just use this on its own, as there are a few different ways to use it. I mix a pump in with some bb cream to slap on before the gym (yes I wear makeup to the gym…not even sorry). Since getting the Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream I also enjoy using a pump of that mixed in with the Glowtion.  Technically it’s an evening moisturiser but that really just means it’s thicker and my skin has been so dry recently it needs all the help it can get.

So if you’re feeling lackluster, gray, tired, dull and pasty. This should help!

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream £24

Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream is a perfect night cream but I’ll use it morning or night as it doesn’t really matter.  I love that it is so hydrating (probably the mango butter) that it gives a plumping effect, which is nice for the old lines! It’s good for when you feel and look totally meh and need to wake up looking fresh-faced and rested. It’s not crazy thick like some night creams, it has a silky, lightweight formula. Most importantly when you put it on at night you wake up with wonderfully smooth, soft and dewy skin.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I really enjoy using both products both alone and mixed together and I definitely recommend both.  As with all Pixi products the packaging is great with both a pump and a squeezy tube. This means you can get every last bit out of the tubes to avoid wastage. The tubes are lightweight, perfect for travel and mean you don’t have to dig around in an unsanitary pot of product. I’d give both a 9/10.

What are your favourite Pixi Beauty products?