Glo Therapeutics Skincare

Glo Therapeutics Skincare

Glo Therapeutics Skincare Review

Glo Therapeutics Skincare.  A new brand to me and perhaps to you too?  I was sent three products to test out. One is their solar shade SPF50 which I will test out when it stops being Winter here in the UK. Until then, here is a review of the two other products.

Info on Glo Therapeutics

Glo Therapeutics is the skincare range of the brand Glo Minerals. The glo therapeutics range is a professional skincare system developed for licensed professionals and their clients. So it’s not one you can buy specifically in a lot of freestanding shops. The product line can be found in salons, spas and physician offices.

The award-winning formulations are cruelty-free, talc-free and non-comedogenic, so the products provide the ideal choice for even the most sensitive skin.

Which Products I tried

B5 Hydration

The B5 Hydration product is for dry skin, or normal to dry skin during the dry winter months. It is for use after or instead of a serum, after cleansing and toning. It provides hydration and nourishment due to its content of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 (panthenol).  I’ve mentioned hyaluronic acid many times as being a great skincare ingredient for dry skin but here’s some more info. Hyaluronic acid attracts and retains hydration so you apply any product that contains it and then your moisturiser on top so the moisture is drawn into the skin.

What Does Vitamin B5 Do?

Vitamin B5 is also called Panthenol. It hydrates the skin threefold. First of all, it is one of few products that, when applied to the skin, actually, results in a conversion to pantothenic acid which will absorb into your skin and actually penetrate down to do something rather than being a surface only product. It hydrates as it is a humectant which infuses water into your skin’s cells and helping it retain that moisture within the tissue. The third benefit is if you use panthenol over a prolonged amount of time such as every day for a month, it starts acting as an anti-inflammatory which relieves soreness or itching in very dry skin.


I have found this product to be a lifesaver over the winter, and it’s definitely helped whenever my skin has got really sore and dry. I ensure I spritz my face with either water/rose water or a moisturising toner before applying this and then apply a moisturiser directly after to ensure there’s lots of moisture available for it to work with and hydrate my skin with.

The Glo Therapeutics B5 Hydration costs £49.95 and you can purchase from their online shop or spas/dermatologists.

Glo Therapeutics Skincare

Clear Complexion Pads

These pads are a must to keep on hand for breakouts, blackheads or any skin congestion. They contain salicylic acid and sodium chlorite to help your skin stay clearer and smoother.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is well known to be included in products to stop spots, acne, and blackheads.  But in case you don’t know why that is, here is some info. Salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation to unclog pores, promotes cell turnover and helps to reduce inflammation.

Gently rubbing these product-soaked pads over your skin where you have congestion encourages your skin to break down black and whiteheads and gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin, meaning any subsequent skincare used will penetrate the skin more effectively. They help your skin to look and feel cleaner, smoother and clearer.

Sodium Chlorite

The solution the pads are soaked in also includes Sodium Chlorite.  This is an ingredient used to break down any over-production of sebum inside your hair follicles. Excess sebum is what often causes blockages of the follicle.  The blockages encourage bacteria to fester which is what causes spots.  Sodium Chlorite doesn’t just break down sebum but also prevents bacteria regrowth.


If you’ve got combination or oily skin thes Glo Therapeutics Skincare Clear Complexion Pads  would be great to use every day. For me they are perfect to keep in the cupboard for when I get the occasional spot or any blackheads. Why do blackheads love living on your nose? And also to pre-emptively use around that time of the month when a breakout is always trying to happen. I’ve only really used cheap salicylic acid pads in the past from brands such as Nip and Fab and Clearasil and while good, these give much better results.

The Glo Therapeutics Clear Complexion Pads contain 5% salicylic acid, you get 50 pads in each pot. The cost is £35.95 and you can buy here.

Thoughts On The Range So Far

Glo Therapeutics Skincare is clearly a good quality skincare range, and while the price does reflect that in some way I definitely think you get the benefits and ingredients that you would in much pricier skincare such as Skinceuticals. I like that the packaging is clean, simple and functional. I am very impressed and will definitely be continuing using them as they have become a great addition to my skincare routine.

Hope this helped and provided a bit of

info into what the ingredients actually do!