Too Faced Sweet Peach

Too Faced Sweet Peach


The Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette  (£34.00 from Debenhams) is so adorable and I have been obsessed with it since I got it. A caveat being that I really love peach shades of makeup. It contains a highlight, blusher and a bronzer. The palette is in an ombre peach and pink metal tin, like the sweet peach eyeshadow palette. And it legit smells like peach! 

Thoughts On The Palette

I really like this palette as it’s quite thin and contains the three products you need to highlight, blush and contour. So it’s great for taking in your bag to put on for a night out after work. To take for a weekend away when space is limited. Or just to use every day as it’s cheaper to buy this than three separate products. 

Texture and Pigmentation

As you can see from the swatches below the pigmentation is great. You can use a more tightly packed brush for a darker or stronger colour. Or a fan-shaped light brush for a lighter coverage and more natural look.
The texture of the three products is similar to a Mac skin finish (I would liken the blush to a peach version of stereo rose). They are really buttery and are easily blended. They last all day long on the face, which is great as sometimes my face likes to eat my makeup. Anyone else have this problem?
Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette Swatches
Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette Swatches

Shade Descriptions

Too Faced Sweet Peach Highlighter – the shade is gold based with a metallic sheen and no glitter and no real shimmer. It’s more ‘gleam’ and ‘glow’ than blinding glitter. I like that it’s more subtle. I am pretty pale, so it shows up quite a lot, if you are dark skinned, I also think this would show up quite well. If you are somewhere in the middle and have an olive or Asian complexion I am not sure if this would actually be that noticeable.  So if that’s you, try and swatch before buying.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Blush – This is a true mid peach blusher that (I think) really suits my skin tone. It’s very flattering and coral based which is a colour that tends to suit most people. It’s easily blendable and had some subtle gold shimmer. This applied with good pigmentation first swipe for me, I didn’t need to keep going in and layer more.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Bronzer – I was worried I’d look like a tanned disco ball as this does have shimmer, but it’s very natural. It gives a healthy bronzed glow rather than disco tan finish. This is great blended slightly underneath the blush for a very subtle contour. It’s also great to use alone on the high points of the face. Nose, temples, top of the forehead, cheeks if you want a quick glowy tanned look.  And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a too faced bronzer? As I am pale myself, I can attest that this is fine on pale skin and doesn’t look orange. I also use it when I fake tan, and that looks good too, if a bit more subtle.


I really love this palette and am taking it on holiday with me this weekend. It may look like a gimmicky product but it’s great quality and pigmentation make it a must have for me. Obviously, if you don’t like peach and coral shades, this is one to give a miss. I do think it’s more suited to warmer skin tones.

The one point I did find a bit odd is that the blusher pan is bigger than the highlight or bronzer. The only reason I could think of is because blusher brushes are typically bigger than highlight or contour brushes so it would be easier to get your brush in there? That might be the reason but usually, the bronzer would be bigger. Who knows! But a point to note.

I think the pricing is reasonable as it works out around £11 a product and it’s all in one handy tin with a mirror. Scores on the bathroom doors for this one – 8.5/10. The score could only be improved by a plastic casing (as I will probably dent this, as I am a menace) and the bronzer being the larger of the pans.


Let me know what you think!

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