YSL The Shock Mascara Review

YSL The Shock Mascara

YSL The Shock Mascara Review 

Today’s post is a YSL The Shock Mascara Review.   Now I’m a mascara enthusiast, but finding one that I’m impressed with is very hard.  Last year I pretty much gave up and just repurchased some of my faves. I figured this year I should try a few new ones.  To see if there were any life or lash-changing effects available.  So I bought the new YSL The Shock Mascara and here’s my review. 


The Shock Mascara for False Lash Effect is the new volumising mascara from YSL. They state that it’s the ultimate mascara for dark, intense lashes and dramatic volume.

Initial Thoughts

First things first. When I used this the first 2 times it was far too ‘wet’ and I didn’t like it.  But having tried so many mascaras over the years. I know that this is often very common for a glossy mascara such as this. The reason is because no air has been introduced into the tube, so for glossy ‘wetter’ formulas such as this one, the initial wetness is just amplified.

To fix this all you need to do is take the lid off the mascara and set aside, then curl your lashes, wave the wand in the air a bit, then use it. This will dry the formula on the brush a little and mean it doesn’t smear all over your eyelid when you apply it. After a few weeks, the air in the tube will dry the product slightly so it will apply more normally.


Once it’s dried out a bit, this is a really nice and easy to apply mascara. There are no clumps or bits flaking and it isn’t messy in any way. I like this mascara because it makes my lashes look dark and smoky but also glossy.  I’ve been wearing 1 coat every day for weeks and it stays well all day with no eyelid transfer or smears around my eyes. It looks just how it did when first applied.  Add 2+ coats and this mascara will work well for a dramatic going out look as the soft brush and wet formula allow you to quickly build up a dramatic lash effect. Love, love, love it!


The YSL The Shock Mascara has simple yet attractive packaging. Not as pretty as it could have been and I really wish they had made the mascara tube the same metallic pink as the lid. It would have been much more aesthetically pleasing.

Does It Work?

I have incredibly short lashes as you can see above so I am not sure how effective YSL The Shock Mascara would be on more normal lashes but it builds volume and the super black pigment means you get a sultry smoky look. I don’t see too much lengthening but it does coat every lash due to the brush shape and it does make them look fluffy and feathery rather than stiff and crispy which is a look I’ve been liking.

Overall Thoughts

Whilst I like this mascara, I wouldn’t say it’s a new favourite. So I will happily use it up before buying a new mascara or using one I have as a backup but I wouldn’t repurchase. I think this would be best suited to someone with long thin eyelashes who just need volume.  I would rate this 7/10.

Where to Buy and How Much It Costs

This costs £23.00 in Debenhams. Bizarrely it’s cheaper there than in Boots, not sure why?!

Have you tried any new mascaras recently?

Which ones are your favourites?