Mac Cosmetics James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal Collaboration

Mac Cosmetics James Kaliardos Collaboration

Mac Cosmetics James Kaliardos Collaboration

Mac Cosmetics James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal Collaboration

Mac Cosmetics James Kaliardos and

Diane Kendal Collaboration


If there’s one beauty brand that does an awesome collaboration then it’s MAC Cosmetics. The brand tends to announce a new range, collab or limited edition range on a weekly basis and then they are gone.  So I am hoping, as I only recently got sent these items, that they are still available and I will link to them where I can as I believe they were released in January or February.

Makeup Artist Collaboration

These items are from Mac’s collab with makeup artists James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal. Out of the two I think the Mac Cosmetics and James Kaliardos collab is my fave. For once they went with a collab with makeup artists rather than celebrities or fashion brands which I really think was a good idea. The range has 50 items! And these are my picks from the range.


Mac Lipstick - Left - Jasper, Right - Bloodstone
Mac Lipstick – Left – Jasper, Right – Bloodstone

Mac Lipsticks

There were more James Kaliardos Mac Lipsticks in the range but I have two shades. Each lipstick costs £16.50 and the shades I have are Jasper and Bloodstone. Bloodstone is is a deep red in the tube but more of a pinky red on the lips. It’s got cool undertones so won’t make your teeth look yellow in comparison, always a win. It has a slight sheen to the finish and applies evenly and smoothly. It does leave behind a slight stain as it wears off. Depending on your preference you may like or dislike this.

Jasper is a deep wine/burgundy colour. It’s very pigmented and not as sheer as Bloodstone when applied Again it does leave a stained effect when it wears off.

I really like both colours but only tend to wear these sort of colours in Autumn and Winter so I will probably end up keeping these until later in the year to wear as I think they go better when you’re wearing darker coloured clothing (for me anyway).



Studio QuikTrik Stick / Diane Kendal £27.00

I absolutely adore this QuikTrik Stick. It’s a double ended highlight and contour stick with the most amazing consistency. Creams are so easy to blend and much faster to apply than powders. This is amazing for everyday wear when you’re in a rush but want to do a bit of highlight and contour to give your face a bit of definition.

You apply the stick directly to the face, so I just do a line on each cheekbone of highlight, a line in the hollow of my cheek out to me ear with darker shade and blend. I usually use this brush from Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush to blend as it’s so quick.

The highlight is my favourite as it is so natural it doesn’t look like makeup in the slightest and honestly looks like your skin is just really healthy and glowing. If you already have this or do buy it, try using it on your collarbone if you’re wearing a lower cut top, and tell me that it doesn’t look like you have the best glowing skin ever!

Highlight and Contour are centre and right. Left hand is Iconic London Illuminator for reference so you can see the highlight in the Mac stick is more natural and suitable for daytime/work

Mac Full Face Kit Moons Of Saturn £35.00 

This full face kit is epic. There’s a cream highlighter, a powder bronzer which you can use for contour and a cream blush. All in warm gold, bronze and coral which is my favourite look for Spring and Summer. The highlight and blush layer slide across the top of the bronzer.  When closed this is the same size as a regular powder compact. How amazing is this for travelling? I can’t wait to take this away with me as I can imagine in the sun this highlighter would look even more gorgeous.

I also like that there is this compact and then one for darker skin tones called Moons Of Jupiter.

The other items I have which are also pictured are linked below. They are nice, but not ‘must have’s’ for me but have linked them below in case you are interested.

MAC Crème Shadow x 6 – Diane Kendal, Glamorize Me – £35.00 – link here


As always, you can buy Mac at World Duty-Free locations. Save your shop up until you’re going on holiday or a business trip to save yourself the tax!