The Best Streak Free Vegan Tan – Tropic’s Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse


The Best Streak-free Vegan Tan

Tropic’s Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse

Between the heatwave in the UK and half the nation being on holiday it’s definitely prime tanning season. But while there’s a whole lotta fake tan on the market, where on earth does one find a vegan and cruelty free version?

Well, there is indeed such a magical product available. Not only cruelty free but streak free too! Sun Drench is an amazing new self-tanning mousse from Tropic, and a new addition to their range of 5 natural and vegan tanning products. Tropic’s mission has always been to create natural and cruelty free products that don’t contain harmful chemicals, just nutritious ingredients and luxurious, pampering products.

Tropic’s products are certified by the Vegan Society and by Cruelty Free International.

First Things First  

First off, the smell is to die for!  It reminds me of being on a beach vacation.  What’s not to like about that? Also, the colour produced is so natural.

I’ve been trying this out for a few weeks now to give a proper review and it must look natural as my mum, who has seen during my many interesting shades of tan (and just orange) asked if my legs had fake tan or if I’d just been in the sun. Now I am so white without fake tan I had to double check if she was joking! I was so impressed!  I love being tan, and Sun Drench produced a shade I was very happy with.


Tropic Sun Drench

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

The Tropic Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse is a dark brown foam/mousse. There’s a natural caramel extract in the mousse which acts as a guide colour, and washes off in the morning, as well as a green pigment to help counteract orange hues. The guide colour is mid brown, so you don’t look orange even during the development time, and the foam itself is lightweight and non-sticky.



Sun Drench is an overnight tanning mousse to create a medium/dark tan – suitable for fair to dark skin. I suggest applying this just before bed. The application is fuss free even for beginners.

Here are my top tips to getting a great streak free application

  • 12-24 hours before tanning buff away dead skin cells with the Tropic Exfoliating Mitt  and use an oil free moisturiser to hydrate the skin.
  • Pre-tanning have a quick cold shower, pat dry and apply moisturiser to your palms, fingernails, toenails, wrists, soles of your feet, elbows and knees.
  • Pump a generous amount onto Tropic’s Tanning Mitt (comes free with Sun Drench), and work into the skin in upward, circular motions. I’d suggest latex or rubber gloves under the mitt, just in case.
  • Start from the feet and work your way up to prevent streaks in the tan.
  • I applied mine while standing over a towel just in case any dropped onto the floor.
  • You need to rub the foam in for a few seconds to make sure you cover all areas.
  • Once the tan is applied it will develop over 8-10 hours.
  • In the morning shower the tan off, and moisturise.
  • Keep moisturising morning and night to ensure your tan looks its best and wears off evenly.

Drying Time

Sun Drench dries like a dream leaving you to get your faux glow and go quickly. I was completely dry in under 15 minutes, which was awesome. If it’s a hot day I suggest standing in front of a fan or using your hairdryer on the cold setting to avoid sweating while you dry off.  I didn’t feel at all sticky or wet while I waited for it to dry either.

Smell (Before and After Application)

Tropic Sun Drench smells amazing! Once applied it has a very light but sweet and tropical scent, it reminds me of vacation and I love the smell. When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t smell any DHA or anything else at all.


Colour Produced

The foam is only available in one shade because it contains plant allo-melanin which mimics the colour of your skin’s own melanin, working with your skin to give you the perfect bronzed goddess shade to match your complexion.

The colour is a natural brown with a tiny tinge of green, this is because Sun Drench is enriched with chlorophyll, a natural green pigment which counteracts any orange tones. The colour is very smooth, not patchy at all.

How Long It Lasts

My overall tan faded after about 7 days but on hands I would say both times it was either after 2 or 3 days. Clearly, I wash my hands much more than the rest of me!

It’s easy to top up your hands and only takes a few minutes, it would have been great if it did last longer, but I can at least be impressed by my levels of hygiene!

I really liked the colour tan it gave me, and as it faded my legs didn’t go patchy or splotchy which was a bonus.

Overall, I’d really recommend this tan and the company in general. Everything is freshly made so you know it’s not been sitting in a warehouse for months on end and I love the packaging and quality of everything I’ve tried.

Tropic Sun Drench

Tropic Sun Drench

Prices and Where to Purchase

Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse + Tanning Mitt – £32 (link)

Tanning Mitt – £5 – (link)

Purchase online using the above links or from your local Ambassador, find one near you by contacting Tropic HQ. (link)

Other Products

Not only do they have the Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse + Tanning Mitt, there’s also a whole natural tanning range of 5 products to suit every tanning need which you can view here.


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