Korres Magnolia Cleanser and Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser Reviews

Hey everyone what an insane week it has been! I was so so so excited to receive some Korres goodies in the post earlier this week! I was kindly sent amongst other things a Magnolia Cleanser and Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser which are both for normal to dry skin.  As you know, I have had some skin issues lately and I was interested in Korres ever since I heard about them as their products are all natural,  do not contain parabens, silicones or any other horrible  nasties.

Firstly the Magnolia cleanser:  this is rich in vegetable oils, it removes make-up, sebum and dirt and they claim the Magnolia active extract possesses anti-inflammatory effectively calming irritations of sensitive dry skin.  The product also contains Aloe and Calendula help retain the natural moisture level of the skin.  To use you just rub it in your face and remove with cotton wool or as I do with a muslin cloth and hot water.


The packaging is fantastic, it’s a squeezy plastic bottle but the top only lets a bit out at a time, sometimes cleansers blob out and make such a mess but this is fantastic:



You also get a lot of product for your money, this costs around £12.50 to purchase and you get 200ml which will last you a good amount of time as you don’t need much.

The consistency of this is gorgeous and feels really silky on the skin, it is easy to spread around and when you wipe it off it really gets a lot off, it removed everything apart from waterproof mascara and I use my Boots Botanics soothing eye makeup remover anyway whichever cleanser I use.  I am absolutely loving this cleanser, I put moisturiser on after I have washed this off and my skin is improving visibly, even the BF said it looked less dry and that is saying something if he notices! It makes my skin feel super clean and soft and it is the my new HG cleanser.

The product I have been using after this is the Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser and this is equally as


This moisturiser comes in a sturdy glass jar with a screw top lid.  The cream is white and to look at the cream you would think it would be thick and gloopy but when you apply a thin layer to the face is just absorbs so quickly and there is no greasy residue and no sticky or tackiness as with some I have tried before.


The jar contains 40ml of moisturiser and it has a SPF of 6, I think this is because it can also be used as a night cream and you don’t really need an SPF when you go to bed! I would use a separate SPF if it bothered me but (maybe wrongly) I only tend to wear a high SPF when it is the summer so SPF 6 is fine for me in the British winter, when sun is a distant memory.

The moisturiser contains wild rose oil,  linoleic and linolenic acid, wild rose fruit which means it has high vitamin C levels which apparently demonstrates significant repairing activity to fine lines and skin colour disorders, so that is why the product can claim to be brightening.  It claims to be a 24 hour moisturiser as the extract of the desert plant Imperata cylindrica which is in it, ensures 24-hour moisturising by continually regulating the cellular water equilibrium, I will be honest and say I have no idea what this means haha! It sounds a bit sciency so I will take their word for it.

My thoughts are that I have had fantastic results in under a week so I can’t wait to see how this improves my skin over time.  I must say that although it’s recommended for normal to dry skin I felt the formula was incredibly rich so if I had normal skin I would probably only use this as a night cream. Since I actually have super dry skin and eczema thi sis perfect for me. This has a gorgeous rosey/floral scent which I take to be natural since the product does contain rose oil!  The value of this (between £18-19 online) and the fact that it is so moisturising without clogging my pores has made me a very happy bunny.  I am so excited to try the other items that they sent me, a quince body butter and a Thyme and Honey face mask as they both smell good enough to eat.

You can get Korres products at a lot more places now they are becoming more well known but for those that like to shop online I think the best place is http://www.asos.com/ since you can buy loads of different brands not just Korres and you can usually get a discount or free shipping code or this website which I have only stumbled across today looks really good http://korres.bathandunwind.com/

Has anyone else tried Korres? What did you think?