Collection 2000 Collagen Curl Mascara Review

I said I was going to wait a week but I have such strong feelings about this that I need to write about this mascara.

I just cannot get on with this at all. The first time I used it I had assumed that the curved wand would be really handy, instead it makes it almost impossible to give your lashes a proper coat from room to tip, especially on the bottom lashes as the wand is so thick and chunky that to get to the roots I would have to rub the brush against my under eye skin at the same time.

The press release about this product says that it gives 7x more volume for maximum lash impact. So perhaps this mascara would be good for those without long lashes but since I have used Lilash and Revitalash mine are pretty long and wispy so this is just too gloopy, if you have shortish lashes I would give this a try as it is between £3-5 in Superdrug depending on what special offers they have on, but if you have long lashes I don’t personally think there is much point as it just gloops them all together to make it look like you have less lashes (i.e. this is not defining at all).

The formulation I find way too thick and sticky which has caused dust and fluff to stick to my lashes and then go in my eye! I cannot remember this happening with any other one that I have tried. I find it so difficult to get a lash comb through the lashes as the mascara is so sticky that then end up all gloopy and stuck together, and I end up with smudges under each eye. Yesterday all my lahes started tangling together and I ended up rubbing my eye and it was just so itchy and basically all of the mascara flaked off and smeared round my eye. Bearing in mind I was at work it wasn’t my best look ever.

Personally I still stand by Bourjois 1001 Cills and L’Oreal Voluminous for being my favourite drugstore mascaras. Sorry Collagen curl but you are going in the bin!

Which mascaras have you girls used that I need to avoid?!!

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