Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion Review

I got this primer about a month ago and wanted to test it out properly before doing a review.

I like the fact that this is in a squeezy tube although the silver tip which dispenses the product really irritates me.  The Urban Decay website says that you only need to use a pea sized amount of this on your face and I agree but it takes forever to squeeze that much out of the tube because the hole in the silver dispenser is about the size of a very small pinhead.  This is how much product you get out after one really big squeeze of the tube

This blob is only about 1mm long!

The packaging could be greatly improved by keeping the squeezy tube but just having the silver thing as a lid and then having a normal tube to dispense the right amount of product without having to wrestle and fight just to get anything out.

Ok rant about the stupid packaging out of the way this is an OK primer but it is not  HG or favourite.  It has a very silky consistency and while it is a sheer white when it first comes out when it blends into the skin it is invisible and leaves it feeling velvety and smooth , so perfect for foundation application.

The problem is that it is a bit too thick to be easily spreadable, it’s a bit of a pain blending it into your entire face.  I would probably say it’s like what you would imagine Smashbox photofinish would be if it was more creamy (the UD does also contain silicone), it leaves the same feeling on your face that you know there is something on it unlike MUFE HD primer or L’Oreal’s new Studion Line one. 

Once it’s applied it is easier to apply foundation and for about 4 hours you get a flawless finish however the other two primers mentioned above both give longer lasting performance of 8 hours + and I am out of the house for work for about 12 hours so I need a high performance product that lasts a lot longer than 4 hours personally. 

Also when the foundation starts wearing off I would normally only need a bit of a smashbox halo touch up but  with this I seem to actually be quite oily around the chin so I need to blot as well before using powder which never normally happens.

So basically this primer is OK but not a standout in my opinion.

What primers are you loving at the moment?

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