Smashbox O-Bronze Intuitive Cheek Bronzer: Featuring Milly from pearlsandpoodles

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Hello… *stands in the corner and waves coyly* …my name is Milly and I have been summoned by the beautiful Sarah and her lickle makeup fairies, to do a review on Smashbox O-Bronze Intuitive Cheek Bronzer.

This product is available online at a multitude of beauty vending sites.

Sarah says ” this Smashbox Product was purchased from Ultimate Beauty Gems a Shop on”

Now, I am a bronzer addict – I just adore the lovely jubbly stuff and rarely leave the house without a sweep on Benefit’s Hoola on both my cheekies. I’ve always stuck with powder bronzers; it’s just the way I roll, so to be confronted with a cream/liquid bronzer thrust me unwittingly into unknown makeup territory…and I was scared!

So, like an excited puppy at Crufts, I whipped off the lid, zealously squirted the product out and tested it out on my hand! Well, this is what I was confronted with:

Yes, you see correctly my friends, the bronzer comes out white, and ‘magically’ starts changing colour to match you colouring, as you begin to blend it in. This is what Smashbox themselves blab about the product:

“ Get gorgeously glowing cheeks in your own perfect sunkissed bronze shade. This innovative creamy cheek bronzer instantly transforms from white to your own custom shade of bronze. O-Bronze is packed with our exclusive Goji-Berry C-Complex, ginkgo biloba, and pomegranate seed for antioxidant protection. Apply a small dab to cheeks with fingertips and blend, breaking beads to release your most natural bronze glow.

On bare skin or over makeup, apply a small dab of O-Bronze to cheeks and blend in a circular motion, breaking beads to release your most natural bronze glow. To intensify the colour, try mixing O-Bronze with a dab of lightweight moisturizer before applying to cheeks. “

So this product instantly reminded me of Revlon’s Beyond Natural Make up Foundation and the new revolution of makeup that cleverly transforms to match your skin type. I tried this foundation and wasn’t a fan I have to say, so unfortunately, I didn’t have high hopes for this product either. I find the idea initially revolutionary, yet realistically, a little bit gimmicky!

To begin with, as I began blending it in on my hand, I wasn’t really getting much colour payoff and it just looked a bit minging and sloppy, but I slowly learnt that the more you blend, the darker the colour goes, and it did start to form quite a pleasant, bronzy shade, as you can nosey below when I applied onto my face.

Welcome to my face!

I apologise that the photos are clearly not David Bailey standard. My camera is just a tiny bit shockingly rubbish and I genuinely hate posing for photos of myself, I feel like such a tart! Anyhow, let take a look at the evidence.

Despite Smashbox claiming that this product can be applied on bare skin, I was not willing to appear face-naked and scare away Sarah’s gorgeous followers, so I have my trusty MAC Studio-Fix Fluid (NC30) slapped on, along with a light fairy dusting of MAC MSFN (Medium +)

HOWEVER, I did not apply any powder to my cheekies, as I am aware cream makeup + powder = cakey mush riiiight?!  The first pic of me above is prior to application of the product, bare faced and not so beautiful…

Now the middle is me with the product on. I have purposefully not blended it in very well so you can actually see how it applies. (not very well!) So the streakiness is intentional m’kay?!

Hmmm, what do you think??

I think if you are after a very subtle, sheer bronzy sheen to your cheeks, then this product could potentially be perfect for you. It acts more as a golden highlighter to your cheeks than a product you would use to contour and add definition. That’s why personally; I would not use this bronzer. I like to contour my cheeks and add colour to my face, which neither of this does to the level I’m after.

I don’t think it is an awful product, just didn’t suit my requirements and took me out my comfort zone in regards to using anything other than powder on my face.

The thing that they could improve is definitely the consistency. It felt extremely loose and ‘liquidy’ and spread very thinly on my cheeks. Word of warning beauties, use sparingly and build up the coverage. The first time I experimented with this, I ended up having to wipe a lot of the product off my cheeks. And then I had patchy foundation. Not a good look I can tell you! Also, I would recommend blending it out on your hand first for the colour to start developing and then apply to your cheeks, otherwise the cream starts mixing with your foundation anyway, thus making it even more indistinguishable.

You have to be quite quick with the application as it dries rather swiftly and then it just turns into a cakey mess if you try to blend anymore!

Personally, this product really is not my cup of Tetley, but if you like a subtle dewy golden flush to your cheeks, then I reckon you might really enjoy this product.

On reflection, instead of using this product as a bronzer, I would maybe try mixing it with my face moisturiser and using it as a tinted moisturiser in the summer when I want less slap on my face!

Let me know your thoughts? Have you maybe tried this product and had a fabulous experience with it? I’d love to hear your raves about it.

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Big thanks and snogs go to the lovely Sarah for letting me gatecrash her blog – I will now, grudgingly, let her have it back…! J

Byesie bye!